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Blog WHY The Weekend is Ruining your Fat Loss Goals



WHY The Weekend is Ruining your Fat Loss Goals

  • by Doc
  • April 11, 2015


So before you read this Blog if you haven’t checked out ‘How Calories WILL always be King” go do that now >> https://thedoc.ie/why-calories-will-always-be-king-part-1/




Now then let’s dive straight in…



Monday to Thursday you’re generally good enough with the food…



Friday is a bit iffy…




Then the ‘fuck it’ mentality comes in for the weekend.









This ain’t about ‘clean eating’ or ‘eating healthy’ it’s about a Binge fest that goes on over the weekend wether it’s Supermacs of Organic Everything it doesn’t really matter because remember CALORIES will always be King.




Once Calories are MORE than you expand the weight gain will come.




Don’t get me wrong I’m kinda the same – who doesn’t love maybe a few drinks, some popcorn at the cinema or the extra chocolates at the weekend? Let’s live in the real world.





But you don’t have to Binge like mad..




There’s NO rulebook for it & there are ‘smarter’ ways around it.




 …Because the simple fact is, you can gain weight and here’s why; (even if it’s clean/healthy food)




– It’s NOT the fact you’re eating unhealthy stuff.



– It’s NOT because you’re ‘made’ eat the buns and biscuits when you visit the friends/family (although it could contribute to overall calories)



– It’s NOT the fact you’ve a ‘slow metabolism’





So WHY is this Happening?



Meet Billy Bob.



Let’s say Billy Bob needs 2000 calories per day to Lose Bodyfat or in his terms: ‘The Gut’



(Calorie figure is just for the purpose of this blog – Everything is dependant on the person)





By following the Doc Fitness ‘Hand Size System’ he roughly takes in this amount of calories in throughout Monday to Friday (ish)




So 5 Days x 2000 = 10,000 Calories.




So that means over the course of a WEEK if he hits 7 Days around the 2,000 Calorie mark that his weekly intake would be 7×2000 = 14,000 Calories for the week.




(Again bear in Mind this is just a rough idea to show you – if someone was on 2,000 Cals – it wouldn’t just be a ‘perfect’ linear thing, some days would be up with others down etc. – the point is to get across where you could be falling down)




So – Let’s put that into a Graph;






So this is what we want to lose bodyfat but funnily enough he’s not losing the Weight he wants or his ‘Gut’ even though he eat’s ‘fairly healthy’




……So let’s find out why Billy REALLY isn’t shifting any weight even though he ‘eats well’ throughout the week;






Friday he’s tired, the week is over, so more is eaten that evening…





Saturday Morning Comes – suddenly the ‘healthy’ week has just vanished and Billy isn’t really being Mindful with what he eat’s earlier on in the day and ends up going on the lash that night too with the Lads.




Has a few too many & a sneaky Chicken Burger Meal too afterwards – (So 4,100 Calories for this day is actually being generous!)




Sunday is the Hangover followed by the cans of coke, the Pizza and whatever else – VERY Calorie dense foods that rack up calories very quickly.





So after the week he’s total Calories now sit at 17,200. 




Which is more than enough to completely Halt Fat Loss and even the possibility to Gain Weight too.








Funny thing is, most people KNOW they’re doing this. But still don’t do anything about it. And if you didn’t know – well, now you do.



– It’s not a matter of discipline really – being disciplined is good but it’s not about that.



– It’s not about the ‘how bad do you want it shit’ because I know you WANT it, no amount of motivational posters/quotes help you here.



– It’s not a matter of – stop going out, don’t visit your friends and don’t ever eat bad stuff again.



It’s something that you don’t do.



>>>>The Battle.




The Battle DAILY with your OWN thoughts – Nothing Sappy or ‘Goorooy’ here, but it’s down to the daily battles you have with your own head,






– the Goals you’ve set in place,



– the plan to get those Goals,



– Your Milestones, Tasks, Checkpoint etc.



– Your Daily Rituals,



– Your Training Program,



– The Community of People You Surround Yourself With




– DEALING with the ‘fuck it & Pre-Conceived’ thoughts and TRIGGERS that set you off when you know full well by doing what you’re doing right now isn’t helping




See we’re programmed to fail really, it’s almost like people are out to HELP you fail too with the way society thinks, which is why getting your Mindset – Habits – Goals – Plans – Tasks – set in place first is so damn important.





You’re NOT the only one on this Boat, believe me.





It’s the Battle daily I help clients SMASH through everyday which is why the emphasis on Mindset is so big within our coaching programs – anyone can go well for a few weeks – it’s when you can do it week after week WITHOUT feeling like a chore is the real key. THAT is when Real Transformation Happens..





Don’t believe me? Hear is straight from Paul after a week where he wasn’t, let’s say, ‘the happiest’ with his results;



If he hadn’t worked on his thoughts as much as he has, or his Goals, Tasks etc. would he have come out of this situation a different way?




Having worked on your Thoughts/Goals/Mindset is like having a laser focused GPS system on directly where you want to go – but along with that, KNOWING when things set you off – why you binge etc. I cannot emphasise enough how important this stuff is.





Let’s not forget the Main Roles too!


– Training/Activity



– Sleep Patterns



– Your Meal Structure



– You Current Hormonal Situation (Insulin Sensitivity Etc.)



– Breakdown of Proteins/Fibre/Carbs/Fats to give you sustained Energy Release throughout the day WITHOUT crazy cravings



– NOT restricted to any foods following a 70-80% Real Food Rule Daily/Weekly.




 All which I’ve gone into detail before here >> https://thedoc.ie/clean-eating-part-2-cookie-monster-in-the-evening/





So you can see now although you KNOW why Billy Bob above isn’t shifting the Weight – it’s not as easy as sure just eat ‘X’ amount of Calories,





We need to take into account ALL aspects of the situation not just mindlessly thinking this ‘is easy’ for people to do – because it ain’t.





You can get Started on the Mindset Stuff here to help you get underway >> https://thedoc.ie/small-victories-for-looking-better-naked-in-2015-not-resolutions/





From there it’s a matter of constant improvement – Every. Single. Day.



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