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Blog Want to Get Lean? Why Calories will ALWAYS be King | Part 1



Want to Get Lean? Why Calories will ALWAYS be King | Part 1

  • by Doc
  • February 10, 2015

–Part 1 Is the ‘Basic’s Guide’ that most of you will only need for now–





One thing will always remain True.




You MUST be in a caloric Deficit in order to lose weight – wether that’s by a manipulation in Energy Expended or a reduction in total intake of food, or a Mixture of Both – Calories will always rain King.




Or in English you must ‘burn more calories’ than you consume in order to lose weight >> Calories In Vs. Calories Out. Below is an easy to follow Image on what I mean;





Hence why, this is exactly why every Diet DOES work. YES even Herbashizzle will work, those Juice Diets or ANY Diet for that matter.




Why? Because no matter how you look at it there’s a reduction in Calories with these ‘Diets’. But usually a MASSIVE reduction with these ones..




BUT, is this sustainable?



Maybe for a week or 2. But, NO it’s not. Try this with kids running around you, the Partner looking at you like an Alien and everyone else around you suffering..




Are these diets Healthy? NO.




Losing WEIGHT is another thing – these type of diets WILL make you lose weight, but also a lot of muscle.


This is the big one people Miss and why the likes of these Slimming Clubs are such a big hit, not only for Mums after the babies, but more Men are now falling for them too. 




^^ever wonder why someone who’s lost tonnes of weight fast, doesn’t really have that toned/lean? – It’s because they’ve lost weight ALONG with Muscle Mass. You’ve probably heard the term ‘Skinny Fat’ here…




Usually coupled with a bad relationship with food, massive food cravings, and a rather large re-bound effect which will leave you worse than before due to the down-regulation of important hormones from the extreme caloric restriction..





Which is why MACRONUTRIENT intake (Breakdown of Protein/Carbs/Fats) is very Important along with the Quality of the Food you intake, too.




So to recap;



 – Eat Fewer Calories than you burn off daily and YES, you’ll lose weight.



– Eat MORE Calories than you burn off daily and then you’ll GAIN weight.



– Consume roughly the same Calorie intake and you’ll roughly stay the same weight.






So, Is it that Simple? (Calories In Vs. Calories Out)



Calories provide Fuel for your body to function wether it’s from Protein, Carbohydrates or Fat. Every day you expend a certain amount of Energy based off your Metabolic Rate, the Thermic Affect of Food, Non-Exercise Activity & Exercise Activity (Thermogenesis) which basically Means your Total Daily Energy Expenditure..



Now that’s some sciency stuff out of the way the next question asked, so ‘is a Calorie a Calorie’?



As a Starting Point: YES – A Calorie is always a Calorie, a Cupcake is a Cupcake as Broccoli Is Broccoli – they’re STILL Calories – BUT they’re not created ‘equal’.



Cupcakes & Broccoli act WAY differently on the body,



just take a look at the image below and tell me you wouldn’t feel full after that plate of broccoli? I’m not saying we should eat Broccoli 24/7 but rather stating the obvious in foods, their ‘fullness’ factor and the ‘desire’ to consume MORE afterwards.. Below are foods ALL with 200 Calories;




 ^^Now picture how hard it would be to STOP eating more Smarties (or even the Nuts) after that small handful compared to the Broccoli which you’d STRUGGLE to eat! Nutritional Coaching IS NOT just about ‘what to eat’ – 99% of the population forget about the PSYCHOLOGY that comes along with food. Anyhow I’m going off point for the purpose of this blog, Psychology of eating is for a different blog..


I.E: Proper Real Food/Macronutrient Breakdown gives us the Nutrients etc. we need to function properly Daily and will have a profound effect on the way we look.



Processed Stuff without a regard for Macronutrient Breakdown simply won’t.



So if we went down a route of losing weight through ‘processed foods’ or just calories, we would be devoid of essentials Nutrients, Vitamins etc. while not building the ‘ideal toned/lean look’ because Macronutrients will have different roles in the body.



Along with being HANGRY (Hungry & Angry) all the time with a massive craving for food – usually sweet stuff…




Hopefully you’re still with me… Now you can see why ‘easier looking’ options are more attractive, no one wants to know/do this stuff!





Eating Processed Stuff without a Regard for PRO/CARBS/FATS (Macros) would also leave us completely out of whack in terms of;



– Fullness/Hunger so you’re Hungry all the time


– Cravings worse than Pavlovs Dog


– Brain Fog so you can’t think clearly


– Energy to keep up with the Kids with the stairs being the worst enemy


– Nutrients/Enzymes etc. just for proper functioning of the body – stuff no one cares about





So, what do You need to do?




Step 1:



Start By Creating a Caloric Deficit;



Without knowing anything about you, there are a few ways you can do this. But first, you must know – there has to be some sort of Caloric Control.






Firstly you can JUST focus on Food Quality, minimise the Junk stuff and just DO BETTER to where you are RIGHT NOW.



This is my preferred starting method which focuses mainly on quality of food but also emphasis Control where we go by hand sizes and portion sizes containing a Proper Macro Breakdown learning exactly what Protein/Carbs/Fats are.


This also let’s you learn the basics without counting calories from the word go, focusing on food quality and still enjoying the treat or two without feeling deprived. Win, Win.



I.E: Eat Less Fake Crap. Eat More REAL FOOD.



Like I’ve done up here in my Free Family Friendly Cookbook >> www.thedoc.ie/freecookbook




Not rocket Science really just minimising the junk you eat daily. Start small and improve as you go along.




A goal to aim for ‘could be’ 90% Real Food 10% What you Love, or 80/20, 70/30, 60/40! It Depends where your starting point is.




^^ Most people will need to start here. Especially when you’re a full time parent, have a busy job and whatever else. Start basic, start easy and work up so you can MANAGE it.




DON’T OVERHAUL IT – Start from where you are and the Goal here is ‘to do better’ not go all out from Day 1 – Baby Steps is the Key.. 






If you’re past this stage, You could track for a week, your total food intake followed by your weight to get a rough idea of where you are right now and are you gaining, maintaining or losing weight. (Food Logs, My Fitness Pal or any tracking App)




Then from there you could, provided you’re maintaining your weight, go into a 10-20% Caloric Deficit. Meaning eat 10-20% less food. But here is where you need to get a bit more detailed with Macro Nutrient Intake in order to do this RIGHT.





AND not to forget are you training right along with this? A Topic for another day but the purpose of this blog for now is Nutrition.







Step 2: Know your Breakdown of PRO/CARBS/FATS (Roughly)




Upon focusing on getting more quality of food into the Diet next you need to look into your ‘Macro’ breakdown which is Protein/Carbs/Fats.




The Goal or starting point here is to make sure you’re getting in enough protein to keep you fuller for longer, general repair/recovery of your body and get you that lean or toned look you’re after.




So a Good starting point is the following to hit Daily for ‘MOST’ Meals;




Men: 2 Palm Sizes of Protein Per Meal, 2 Fist Sizes of Veg, 2-3 thumb sizes of Health Fats, 1-2 Cupped Hand Sizes of Fruit/Carb Source.



Ladies: 1 Palm Size of Protein Per Meal, 1-2 Fist Sizes of Veg, 1-2 thumb sizes of Health Fats, 1 Cupped Hand Sizes of Fruit/Carb Source.





This is a Template.




Something that needs individual tweaking but can be a good rough starting point that will help you focus on food quality, portion control and getting where you want to go..




Also bear in mind that this all depends too on the position you’re in right now, your ability to handle foods based on your Current ‘Health/Hormonal Situation’, preferences and relationship with food. Nutrition is never just a ‘here do this’ approach..





[Tweet “Again remember, the Goal is doing BETTER than you are now.”]




Something that’s MANAGEABLE around the Busy Lifestyle and keeping the partner/whole family happy – not some Stupid Detox or plain meals that deprive you of everything you love for NO reason 🙂




So that’s Part 1 Complete, when done right is all most will ever need depending on your Goals of course. With the Goal of this Blog Outlining the need for Caloric Deficits needed to lose weight hopefully it’s highlighted something you may be doing Wrong that’s stopping you from where you want to go…




You still have the stuff you love, you focus on food quality and getting the right breakdown of foods while keeping the whole family happy and more importantly dropping the unwanted weight.




Get some basic Structure, assess your progress and keep taking baby steps forward.



But like I always say you’re best to get onto a Nutritional Coach that can help you along your way to get you out of where you are now and where you want to go.