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Blog Why BS Fads (Diets) Put You Backwards



Why BS Fads (Diets) Put You Backwards

  • by Doc
  • May 26, 2016

When you’re helping clients daily break through old conditioned habits when it comes to training, nutrition and general lifestyle, a big one that comes up is ‘Diets’.

Or more specifically as I like to call them – Bullshit Fads. 

Funny thing is, ANY diet you follow WILL make you lose weight…

…and more than often, along with muscle and probably your sex drive too.

Not to mention the massive re-bound weight gain ‘when you go back to eating normal’

This picture says it all really;


But like anything there’s no point telling you about this, I want you to know the WHY’S so it doesn’t happen you again and again.

It’s what our Programs are all about – Education first, Implementation second.

So here’s a simple Video Diagram (not completely accurate but get’s the point across) from one of our Private Members Nutritional Seminars showing what the ‘REAL’ diet story is. 

Keep in Mind – this goes for most ‘diets’, not all, but most. 

So if you’ve failed miserably in the past here’s maybe why;

The REAL Diet Story…


(Inspiration from this video comes from Layne Norton where I put my own ‘words’ on it to help members understand it better)

So after all that, where do you go from here?

Easy Really.

I presume you’re reading this Blog because you’ve tried some form or shape of diet before.

And don’t beat yourself up either because it’s not your fault – the public are FED TERRIBLE crap in today’s health and fitness world and tonnes of false promises, so people are left thinking will they ever lose the weight and tone up because you’ve tried so many things without a long-term result that you can manage.

Losing the Weight & Toning up will come down to the Energy you expand daily – it’s not just as easy as that – but in a nutshell, if you’re not expanding (burning) more calories (energy) than you eat, then you won’t lose any weight. The toning up side of it all then comes to the type of training you do, which again, not many know how to do besides walking or running which becomes highly boring over time.

And this is what the below video series ALL go through – so if you haven’t downloaded them yet, it’s your perfect starting point.

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