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Blog What’s the Best Supplements for Losing the Belly?



What’s the Best Supplements for Losing the Belly?

  • by David O' Connor
  • July 7, 2016

“Dave what’s the Best Supplement to Take?

 Should I take Protein?

Should I take X,Y or Z?’

Supplements – they ALWAYS come up in conversation, emails or questions so I want to put the record Straight with this Blog.

Usually my answer is: ‘Have you the basics in place first?’

And what I mean by that is, have you the:

– Mindset Side of it all (Dealing with Negative Thoughts, Goals, Gratitude etc.)

– Sleep?

– Hydration?

– 70-80% of your Day is based of REAL FOOD?

– Are you Controlling Overall Calories, being in a caloric deficit TO lose the weight?

– Are you hitting at least some form of Baseline for Protein Intake?

Are these in place already… DAILY?

THEN you can look into Supplements in terms of ‘Covering your basics’ – but I’m not turning this blog into ‘what Supplements to take’, so first I want to SHOW you why you shouldn’t really be concerned about them when Starting out..


In a land of Zero Stress & White Unicorns in every field here’s what we’re led to believe by supplement companies (Or that special Aloe Vera Gel that ‘holds onto fat’ or something)

Or your friend from college, that’s all of a sudden now selling ‘weight loss’ supplements even though they have a nice bit of weight to lose themselves (Harsh, but true) & have ZERO background in Nutritional Knowledge or coaching real life people. But because there’s ‘huge earning extra cash opportunities from it’ they buy into that bullshit. 

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist with this picture)

I’m NOT saying people that are Personal Trainers, Dietitian’s, or Nutritionists NEED to be in incredible shape or anything, but for the Love of God, wake up people. Fast Weight Loss and Magic supplements SELL in a World where people are desperate for the result NOW. But I’m afraid we don’t live in a land of Unicorns. And sometimes, reality can be a bitch.

Ok I got side-tracked. Moving on…

See, taking a Supplement &….BANG! Being in your Life Long ‘Dream’ shape sounds attractive doesn’t it?

So does – ‘Here do this 9-Day Detox & you’ll Lose 9Lbs’

I could go on all day with these Questions we get DAILY. And we keep sending people to the same Blogs I’ve done in the past.

Saying that, I still see people lose track of themselves at times and be ‘tempted’ towards those quick fixes because they do promise us the Sun, Moon & Stars.


Enter the Ultimate Pyramid For Success where I lay it all out in terms of the KEYS to Losing Fat or Gaining Weight, and just to show you where Supplements actually lay in terms of importance in an overall fat loss Diet. I take zero credit for this by the way, as I was first introduced to this by Eric Helms.

So hopefully you can see first hand, how little ‘Supplements’ matter and it all boils back down to Calories which I’ve gone through HERE in the past.

Stay Tuned for part 2 where we’ll delve into what Supplements are actually worth bothering with when starting out on your Fat Loss Journey. 

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