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Blog The ONE Habit that’ll Get You Lean, Fast.



The ONE Habit that’ll Get You Lean, Fast.

  • by Doc
  • March 24, 2016

“A wise teacher was taking a stroll through a forest with a pupil & stopped before a tiny tree. ‘Pull up that sapling’ said the teacher, pointing to a sprout in the earth. He pulled it up with ease. ‘Now pull up that one’ pointing to a more established sapling grown to about knee height & with little effort he pulled it up, roots and all.

‘And now, this one’ nodding towards a more well-developed evergreen that was as tall as the boy. With huge effort and using sticks and stones, the boy got it up. ‘now, I’d like you to pull up this one’ which was a mighty oak. Then, knowing the great struggle ahead said ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t’.

Teacher replies: ‘my son, you have just demonstrated the power that habits will have over your life’ – ‘The older and bigger they are, the deeper the roots grow & the harder they are to uproot. Some get so big with roots so deep, you might even hesitate to try’.


Habits are just HUGE and if you’re like most people, you underestimate em’ They are literally the making or breaking of everything we do.

We are who we are by our daily habits.

If you’re in good shape, you’re walking proof of good habits.

If you’re not, well then, it’s down to your habits. Not your circumstances whether you want to hear that or not.

So this blog will cut straight to the Habit(s) that have led me to get in the best shape of my life and more importantly, allow me to continue them for health & inspiration to others.

I lied, it’s not just ‘one’ habit – BUT, there’s one principle behind them all which is what this blog is all about.

**Note: A lot of this blog is from Darren Hardy’s great book: The Compound Effect.


When it’s all said and done, it comes down to this;


       (Why/Decision)    (Action)  (Repeated Action)    (Time)

So if the above is a ‘shitty habit’ I.E:

  • Netflix instead of Squats.
  • Cheese filled dough from Dominoes instead of home prepped meals.
  • Always looking at the worst of things rather than what good can be taken from it.
  • Overload of beer and fizzy stuff instead of Water.

The the reality is – the end goal probably isn’t what you want or desire to be. On the other hand installing proper habits is the way we want to go – first, let’s get rid of the shitty ones:

1: Identify Your Triggers: The who, what, where & when. Write all these down as it’ll increase your awareness on it. Basically:

  • Who do you hang around with when bad habits come out?
  • Where & When do they tend to happen? (Think family events or ‘friends’ calling over -you DON’T need to bring out 40 buns & cakes and 74 cups of tea)

Saying that – this is only the first step. Next…

2: Clean it Out: I.E: If you want to stop drinking, get rid of the glasses or anything associated when you drink. Like healthy food too, clean out the cupboards of all the shite, stop buying the junk. Get rid of what enables the bad habits.

3: Swap Em’: How can you alter these so they’re not as bad?

  • I.E: Coke to coke zero.
  • Instead of stuffing yourself with the full 12 inches of pizza, why not go for 6 inches? Get what I mean? The goal is to do better, always. Not some stupid overhaul that lasts a week.

4: Ease In: If you’re like me you DON’T like jumping straight into the water. 1 step at a time easing it in. You’ll still be in the water, just time is the main difference here ?

Or sometimes in life we just need to…

5: Jump In: If you’re a fast-paced person – just dive head first into it. Or do a mixture of both depending on the situation/habit.

Again all basic points, but we do this day to day without taking any notice – hence our equation above. Bad stuff compounds over TIME my friends, just like the good stuff does do.


  1. Set Yourself up to Succeed: This is all about Preparation. Preparation of foods at home in the presses. Preparation of meals 2-3 days in advance. Preparation of small things like your gym gear ready to go the time you said you would. DO NOT NEGLECT THIS.
  2. Think Addition, Not Subtraction: Instead of thinking what you can’t have, think of what you’ll be having today & how that will fuel you for the day. It’s the same too when you want to have that bar of chocolate, don’t think you ‘can’t – have the knowledge to have it & fit it into your day like we coach every single member to do here at Doc Fitness.
  3. Go Public – Get Accountable: Keeping yourself public & accountable is HUGE. You’ll become more responsible for your actions & disciplined because you’ve made a commitment to you, your coach & also the people you’ve told. Myself & Coach Kate talked about this here:
  4. Find a Success Partner AND/OR Community: Someone who keeps you accountable along your journey – again a coach like above. Or joining a community of like minded people, you probably will underestimate this because you’re not doing it. But I can tell you know, this is a massive player in our members journeys day in day out, if they didn’t have the support and community of like minded lads & ladies on board – a lot wouldn’t be near as successful with their results as they are.
  5. Competition: This could be Friendly competition with your friend(s) or taking part in a Fitness event to further keep your training interesting and more so, another reason WHY you’re training the way you do. So you can put all your hard work to use & keep you committed/motivated.
  6. Have a Morning Ritual: You probably won’t do this either – And this needs it’s own blog at least but it had to be brought up. The most successful people in the World always seem to have huge points in common – Morning Rituals.

Setting yourself up for the day plays a trojan role on how productive your day goes, and dare I say it, you’ll be happier in general too. Here’s a sample of how:Wake up – Brush Teeth, Splash water on face to get going.

  • Wake up – Brush Teeth, Splash water on face to get going.
  • In your Journal, write down 3 points you’re Grateful for either for that day or the day before. (This is simple, being grateful focuses on all the good in your life – GAME CHANGER for me)
  • Look over & Visualise your goals – You’ve probably heard or seen some motivational quote about visualisation already so it’s now new. VISUALISE where you want to be, how you’ll feel having got that goal etc.

~ All this requires silence and time for YOU to focus on YOU before the day begins. Not Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Leave the WiFi off for the first 15mins off your day and just start to see how things will start changing for you.

7: Celebrate: Enjoy the small wins & victories along the way because this is what it’s all about.  Every Month, every week & even every day. Giving yourself a pat on the back is something you probably never do either – myself included. But again, these are little things to keep reinforcing what you’re doing 🙂


Simple really. Doing the above.

Over & Over again. Day in day out, week in week out, month in month out. CONSISTENCY.

Consistency in Preparation.

Consistency in having a morning ritual.

Consistency in Training throughout the week and adapting if needed.

Consistency in Fueling your body with quality food & nutrients while still having the flexibility there too.

Not everyday will be easy, it’s not meant to be. But these principles outlined in this blog are something that you can take on board and adapt to you right now. I didn’t want to get into the usual ‘eat healthy, set goals, workout x3 times a week’ cliched post because go to Google if you want that. Plus I’ve tonnes of Blogs on the whole Training/Nutrition/Mindset of it all 😉


Habits will make or break you. Which will it be?

Because Remember.. when it’s all said and done, it comes down to this;


        (Why/Decision)   (Action)     (Repeated Action) (Time)