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The Best Times to Eat For Fat Loss

  • by Doc
  • August 21, 2014

Here’s the problem with the Fitness Industry today – you put the words ‘Fat Loss or toned’ in front of something and everyone get’s hooked like fish to see what it’s about,




If I said ‘Best time to eat’ you wouldn’t or probably read this so I had to grab your attention somehow 🙂




So I’ve gotten this same question from the a few members/ emails now;




‘What’s the Best Times to Eat’ (In relation to actual meal frequency)





Sure we all know eating ‘more’ smaller meals throughout the day results in a faster metabolism – right?








People believe that this burns more calories if you keep it ‘stoked’, but the calorie ‘burn’ is in relation to the amount you ate..




Plus Unless you’re an ELITE level bodybuilder Meal Timing or Meal Frequency does not matter a care in the World if you can’t manage it.





So What’s the BEST though?




>> Whatever suits you <<




Whatever you can manage around the job, prepare in advance, fit in with the family life etc.



If this is 3 square meals or 4.




If this is two square meals with smaller ‘snacks’ throughout the day that’s also fine.




It’s whatever REALISTICALLY suits you.




I get people in the habit of 3 square meals a day followed by a snack – Obviously this will vary from person to person, bodyweight, goals etc. but this works quite well;




– Because it sticks to what you’re used to (Brekkie, Lunch, Dinner)



– It’s do-able for most busy people with kids to look after



– Having the snack as a fourth meal doesn’t make you crave and reach for the processed stuff in the evening…




So if you see or hear anyone that more meals is better for fat loss or whatever they spout,




^^there is NO perfect meal frequency – Even if there was something that may be 0.00001% ‘better’ out there for eating meals, it ain’t worth jack shit if you can’t stick to it.




Like the Lads here who’s BIGGEST challenge is Nutrition,




yet with small steps, finding what works for them,




& enjoying their food there coming up with better meals than myself now.




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