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Blog Siobhan | 60lb Fat Loss & Your well needed Kick!



Siobhan | 60lb Fat Loss & Your well needed Kick!

  • by David O' Connor
  • March 30, 2017

Siobhan’s story is one of massive inspiration for any Ladies or Men out there that have just let the Years catch up on yourself..

The weight is on, the Fitness is lacking & your confidence is way down, you know you need to make a change, but you just haven’t done anything about it yet.

So what I want this blog to do is simple, hopefully give you that ‘kick’ you need 🙂

And with that, I’m going to break it up into two sections so you can get the most from it;

First: A quick background story on where Siobhan started & what we did with her to help her shift over 6 stone

Second: Siobhan will tell you her experience for yourself 🙂

April 2014 – ‘THE APPLICATION’

This is when Siobhan first got in contact with us explaining where ‘she was’;


Her goal was simple; “Yes I totally need to lose weight and I want to look and feel Amazing.”

So she started in our 6 week Ladies Transformation Program, resistance training 3 times a week, setting her goals in place & focusing on small changes with her Nutrition so she could lose the weight & tone up by the week.

But that didn’t really happen the way we wanted,

Fast Forward about 6-7 Months later, and although Siobhan was a lot Stronger & Fitter, her weight & overall results didn’t change ‘as much as we wanted them to.’


She felt like she was spinning her wheels – 7 Months in & not that much to show for it?

While she was great for showing up for Training every week, the reality was;

She didn’t really set any goals in place which lead to,

Not really doing much with her Nutrition at all…

Which fundamentally means – you WILL NOT get the results you want.

The Mindset, Nutrition & Training all come together to produce lasting change and if you’re ready to do it, that’s when you’ll make real progress.

In a nutshell, Siobhan didn’t put in the work into the two other Vital areas (Mindset/Nutrition) as much as she needed to.


From there we kept her WAY more accountable & made sure she checked in with EVERYTHING as the weeks progressed.

What her goals where, what her weekly focus was, food logs, nutritional tracking etc. etc. – everything she needed to go hand in hand with the Training,

Nothing radical really, as coaches, this is what we do, but,

Something big happened….

The measurements started coming down.

The weigh-ins every week started coming down, consistently.

People that hadn’t seen her in Months started commenting on how well she looked…

And this is the part where I’ll introduce you to Siobhan herself before we get to her Results 😉

What Kind of Position where you in before you started?

I was so tired and unmotivated, zero energy and zero confidence.

What was Holding you back from Joining (if anything)?

I was overwhelmed with the thoughts of the road I needed to go down to make lasting change.

There’s a fear attached to starting something new and a fear of change, there is a comfort in what we know and what we are used to, so for me to take the steps I needed to just seemed too big until I couldn’t my situation to get anymore overwhelming.

What made you decide to try Doc Fitness?

David himself is why I trusted my gut feeling on joining Doc Fitness.

I needed to change my situation and I knew for me to sustain and commit to change I needed a support network.

I knew I wasn’t going to get that on my own in a gym on a treadmill.

I needed an environment that breeds positivity, compassion and acceptance.

I needed to be educated on all the aspects fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, goals and commitment.

Docs emails that I had signed up for spoke out to me, it was kinda like he could hear the conversation I was having with myself; so I took a deep breath and I went for it, I filled out the online form.

David rang me and that’s where the trust started, from that phone call on I never looked back, that phone call changed my life.

What Were your Results like?

I’ve achieved goals I’ve never thought possible.

I am amazed at what I can pull, push, lift and press.

My fitness levels have soared (See a video we dug out from May 2016 below)

The impact and change on my mental and physical state has been incredible.

DAVID: I’ll chime in here again as Siobhan is a bit shy when it comes to her Results 😉 Also, for people wondering about the ‘before/afters’, we respect Siobhan’s privacy here hence why there is none, but saying that;

She’s lost over 60lbs to date since we had that ‘check in’ & not only weight loss either, this is 60lbs of bodyfat,

If it was ‘only’ weight loss, the scales would have actually shown more, she’s crazy Strong & continues to tone up by the week.

So don’t forget, there’s a difference in weight loss versus fat loss 😉

(We do have a simple Graph of Siobhan’s Fat Loss 🙂 )

What 3 Biggest Areas of your Life has this Impacted?

1: I’ve never felt Stronger and Healthier. I have incredible energy, my flexibility stamina have improved 10 fold and the added bonus of, I’ve got great new muscles 🙂

2: Self Belief.

The faith that the coaches have in me, what I could achieve and what I can continue to achieve has given me the self belief that I can and I do.

3: Doc Fitness embodies change, and through consistent encouragement and positive feedback I have retained not only my body and attitude, I now understand that being fit and healthy is an important component of my long term health both mentally & physically.

For that understanding, change in attitude and confidence to see it through, for that along I’m forever grateful to the coaches.

What’s your favourite thing about Doc Fitness?

Family, Community, Craic & the Results.

The atmosphere, each session is challenging and fun.

The coaches are passionate about fitness and about each and every one of their clients, and it shows through their enthusiasm when coaching.

(Siobhan & Coach David after winning an in-house members competition)

I am constantly motivated to push past my perceived limits to get results.

The coaches focus on technique and form to make sure I keep moving forward,

In class, the people surrounding me with positivity who have my back, drive me and support me to ‘keep going, keep going’.

It’s a community, it’s a family and in that environment, well, nothings impossible.

Lastly, what would you say to someone who’s sitting on the Fence about Joining?

If you’re anything like me and the conversation goes like this;

‘I’ll be out of my depth, I’m so unfit, I’m too embarrassed, too shy, I don’t have a tracksuit that will fit’ and all the other statements that we tell ourselves, all I can say is…

Just stop, take a deep breath and then another one, put on the tracksuit, put on the runners, sit in the car and just get there.

Climb up the stairs and open the door to changing your life, whatever your goal is, being here is a stepping stone to attaining it.


Like Siobhan, the first step can seem like the hardest, but it’s as easy as filling out the form below where one of the Coaches will be in touch within 24 hours 🙂




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