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Salou, Goals & Big Red Tomato

  • by David O' Connor
  • July 25, 2016

Hey there, Coach James here from Doc Fitness & here is my first Ever Blog.

Now I did have some practice, with David giving me a few Tips, but still go easy on me. I’m as sensitive as a full bladder after the cinema.

So the Goal for this Blog is easy: I want to get across the sheer POWER of setting Goals for yourself.

Now I was never one for setting Goals as I would always brush them off and thought that I never needed to do it but they are an absolute game changer when it comes to your Fitness, Family and career.

Without further ado, here we go….


So I went on holiday to Salou recently with the missus and I won’t lie I felt like a stranded beached whale surrounded by people watching in awe at its size and thinking if ‘I (the whale) need to puke or just explode altogether’ – from the over indulgence of treats. From Nutella crepes to churros to chips, they were hard to escape.

(Image courtesy of theawkwardyeti.com)

Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome and I didn’t do the absolute dog on it when it came to food. Not a worry went through my head, chillin’ out, no cooking, cleaning, work, dirty nappies, shitty baby grow’s and the list goes on as all you experienced parents know.

On top of all the carby-ness I got absolutely reddened to the point that if I wore a green hat I’d look like a fresh-out-of-the-garden-juicy-red-tomato and putting on a t-shirt felt like shredding my skin with a very course grade of sandpaper.

I was prepared for this though, maybe not the sunburn part but I did plan to have this week off from my Diet because I was on holiday and who the hell wants the added stress of worrying what they eat when they’re away?


My Goal before I went anywhere was to lose 10LBS of Bodyfat (Not Muscle AND bodyfat like most people end up doing) and then go on a ‘Diet Break’ during my holiday in 12 weeks.

So right there I have my Goal and a Deadline. Then I needed to work out a strategy for those 12 Weeks in order to lose body-fat. The weekend before the start of my twelve week block I worked out what I needed to do.

Before I started with this diet  I weighed around 192Lbs and I wanted to lose 10lbs in those twelve weeks.

Why? To feel comfortable walking around topless which I would never usually do (which I regret, see tomato statement above), the confidence boost and not to worry about what I eat over there.

So like I said above, I broke it down. In 12 weeks I needed to lose 10 Lbs. In order to do so the ‘Plan’ to get there was to:

  • Train 2-3 times per week,
  • be in a caloric deficit to lose bodyfat and
  • keep active throughout the day.

And as much as the ‘SMART’ Goal acronym has been done to death by people who don’t even follow it but still post motivational quotes about it, it’s always a handy reminder to have:

(Image courtesy of blog.loginradius.com)

Then, to break it down even more & give myself a better picture of what I needed to do, I worked it out like this:

TRAINING: I needed to stay consistent with getting 2-3 training sessions/week done in the gym and maybe the odd extra session if I’m lucky.

I would like to get more sessions in, but it is all I am getting in at the moment. Now you might think ” Bullshit. That fucker trains more than that, he works in the place! “.

Believe it or not I’d be lucky to get training 3 times a week just because I’ve work commitments outside the gym and my partner and I are like a tag team when it comes to minding our son Jack during the week too. Also I wanted to see if it could be done, basically practising what we preach here at Doc Fitness.

NUTRITION: To be in a caloric deficit, I needed to consume roughly around the 2000 Kcal per day mark. From there then I needed to ensure the proper breakdown of Protein (to preserve my muscle mass & recovery) Carbs (Our bodies main energy Source) & Fats to make sure I was covering all my ‘Macronutrient & micronutrient’ Needs. Again, you don’t need to know this for this blog – but just gives you an idea of how I tackled the goal and what we do with our Awesome Members here too J

So, as long as I actually stayed consistent with the above this allowed me to drop fat fairly easy.


This is exactly what we do with the driven members here at Doc Fitness, after they realise what it is they want out of our programs or out of life in general we break it down.

Once they know where they want to be, say in a year’s time, we break that Big Goal down into mini ones in 12 week blocks.

This gives you a deadline in achieving your targets you set for yourself to get you that bit closer to your long term Goals.

Plus, It’s easier to get where you want to go in 12 week blocks. You’re able to plan for it weekly, then daily so you know exactly what you need to do every day in order to reach your goal.

So in a nutshell it looks like this;

  • Set a Big Ass 12 Month Goal
  • Break that Down into 12 Week Blocks throughout the Year (Asking yourself – ‘where Do I need to be in 12 Weeks?’)
  • Break that down into a Weekly Plan (Like I did with my training & Nutrition earlier)
  • Then the obvious thing left is what you need to do for that Day.

 “With a 12 week plan, predictability is much greater. You can define, with a degree of certainty, what actions you need to implement each week over the next 12 weeks. The second difference with 12 week planning is that it is more focused. Most annual plans have too many objectives, which is one of the primary reasons execution fails. The third thing that is different with 12 week plans is the structure. In our experience, most plans are written with the unspoken goal of just developing a good plan. Most often these plans are then placed in a nice binder and rarely get implemented.” (1)

(Goal Setting samples from 12 Week Year Book – 12weekyear.com)


You’re probably throwing your eyes up to god saying what is this lad on about, but the simple fact is people who actually implement this are going to see amazing results,

  • You need to ask yourself why the fuck are you doing it all in the first place?
  • What do you want to get out of it?
  • When do you stop? 
  • What is your why?

And you keep digging deeper into yourself until you find out why you’re doing it all and getting emotionally attached to that vision like a baby is to a random packaging box.

(Image Courtesy of quotesgram.com)

 “If you are going to perform at a high level, take new ground, and be great, then you better have a vision that is compelling. In order to achieve a level of performance that is greater than your current , you’ll need a vision of the future that is bigger than the present. You must find a vision with which you are emotionally connected. Without a compelling vision, you will discover there is no reason to go through the pain of change.” (2)

The beauty of setting your Goals in a twelve week structure is that it is more achievable. Once you know what you want to do and you’re emotionally attached to that vision you become more accountable for your actions. With the deadline it helps give you that laser focus, even when it gets hard, on achieving that vision and you start to feel like you’re actually working for something.

You also become way more productive with your time,

Once you know what to do weekly you then work out what needs to be done daily and you’ll come to realise the amount of things you can get done in a day. You’ll probably start walking around thinking ‘I finally got my shit together’.

Obstacles will emerge out of nowhere like Lord Varys from game of thrones and throw you off, but instead taking it as a negative you need to learn from it so next time it happens you know exactly what you need to do to get over it.

(Image Courtesy of pinterest.com)

When my 12 weeks were up I got down to 179lbs. I was happy out, I lost more than what I intended to lose and that’s with a 200kcal bar of chocolate most days (still a fat kid at heart).

Most was plain sailing as I had a focused plan, but It WAS hard at times, I ate 4-5 meals a day but near the end I was hungry all of the time, lethargic and was glad to reboot during the holidays where I took the week off from it all and went on a Diet Break which David talks about here: https://thedoc.ie/break-your-diet-get-better-results/


Moral of this elongated story is that the power of Goal setting is very underrated, even frowned upon and until you look at it as a tool to get the things you want in life and achieve more than you ever have instead of thinking ‘What a load of Shite’ that’s when you’ll see the change, that’s when you’ll get rid of those last few pounds, get those muscle gainz or go further in your career. (3)

Unless of course your Mr/Mrs fucking perfect pants and don’t think you need to progress on any level – to which, sadly there’s a few out there like that. I presume that ain’t you, because you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise J

It’s how our members are getting such awesome-life-changing results and how Doc Fitness is growing every day. With the Training, Coaching and the Nutritional Guidance we pour into our clients daily, we make the Goal Setting & Mind-set side priority above it all.

Think about it, it’s all well and good training and eating healthy but that only lasts so long without a destination. You’ll end up skipping the gym and falling off the healthy eating wagon bringing you back to square one. (4)


Where are you going with it?


Why do you want to do it?


And I’ll leave you with this for my first ever Blog…


What is YOUR WHY?


James Connolly – The Tomato Whale

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1: Moran, P, B & Lennington, M. ( 2013) ‘The 12 Week Year’, Wiley; 1 Edition: http://12weekyear.com/

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4: Kelley. D, & Connor. D. R, (1979) ‘The Emotional Cycle Of Change’, ~ Kelley and Conner’s Emotional Cycle of Change, Mindtools.com, https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/kelley-conner-cycle.htm



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