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Blog Rocky Roads, Fat Loss & Staying Full.



Rocky Roads, Fat Loss & Staying Full.

  • by Doc
  • June 24, 2015

Rocky Roads for Fat Loss?

‘What in the name of God are you on about now Doc I can hear a few of you saying…’

Ok I won’t lie anymore, Rocky Roads are (probably) not the Best for Fat loss, you ‘could’ still eat them, provided your Total Calorie intake is in check, but with the way people are mindful of the food they eat today – it’s highly unlikely for most. 

But Joking aside this blog goes into everything to do with Feeling Full when losing weight. Which (believe me) is the biggest pain in the hole when trying to drop some weight & get lean (or toned for the ladies).

The LAST thing we want is to eat a meal and feel like it was a tiny hamburger from Mc Donalds, doing zero to ‘fill you up’..


Here’s the Deal;

We live in a world where Hyper palatable foods absolutely EVERYWHERE. 

Hyperpalatable meaning that foods taste unreal & leave you craving for more – See it as flavour on steroids. It’s like going out with the Friends saying you’ll ‘only have the one drink’ it probably won’t happen 🙂

^^it’s the major food companies goal these days, they want your taste buds going daft for more to be honest. They don’t really give a shit about your health or weight because you buy more = more money in their pocket so you can see why this industry is one big-ass viscous circle of Bullshit.


**Don’t forget the Bigger Picture:

Ever wonder why some Kids grow up eating Loads of Veg, stay healthy, active & fit while others grow up lazy, probably rarely see Veg & always seem to be ‘down with some bug’ Month after Month.

See all this stems from a No. of factors – which I won’t be going into this blog but just bear in mind the bigger picture here. 

Genetics, Environment, Childhood, Psychosocial & Peers all have roles to play in this Health & Fitness game so what might come ‘easy’ to some may come hard as hell for others.


Combating The Hyperpalatable:

Because these foods trigger different areas of your Brain/Psychology, the more we seem to eat them, the more addictive-like roles they will play.

Ever wonder why it’s so hard to put the Sweet Stuff down? It’s what these foods are designed to do, and it’s not me just saying it either – Research is there to prove that these foods do have drug like similarities (1).

So now you’ve picked up a Rocky Road (& if you don’t know what these are, where have you been all your life???), 

You have 1,2 or 7 and barely feel full.

The Problem?

You’ve just racked up probably close to 5-600 calories without blinking an eye. 

Now let’s say it’s Lunch Time & you’ve had this Rocky Road Bar (70g) racking up 360 Calories.

OR you had this which is PACKED with a lot more goodness, Nutrients, Fibre, etc; 

– Same Size in Leeks (70-80g)

– 1/2 A Regular Red Onion

– 1/2 Red/Green Pepper

– Fistful of Mixed Leaf Salad

– Big Fistful of Mushrooms

Throw in some Balsamic/Apple Cider Vinegar, a sneaky side of some Calorie Free Waldens Farms Sauce & some of your favourite spices and herbs and you could come up with something like this.


The Calories in this? >> Roughly 85-90! 

So do the math for this one, Rocky Road 360Calories Vs. Tonnes of Goodness at 90Calories..

Besides the fact you’re putting high-quality, nutrient dense veg into you rather than a sugary hit with very little Nutrient Density there’s also a TONNE of Volume within the Veg too. 

Think of blowing up a Balloon – the more air (More Veg), the fuller the balloon will become.

The less you blow it up (rocky road) the less ‘size’ the balloon will become. Hope that makes sense…

The key here being ‘Gastric mechanoreceptors’ (stretch receptors) that respond hormonally to the volume of food you eat. In turn then making you feel fuller for longer (2) – think the Rocky Road would do that?

Like I’ve gone through before, Protein intake plays a Massive role in all of this too for Hunger Signals etc. but for the purpose of this blog I want to DRILL HOME more Veg intake 🙂


Now, Who Wants a Better Sleep?


Don’t we all 🙂 

See not getting sleep is a big stressor on the body.

It’s another one I struggle with to be honest and probably along with 99% of my clients too. So it’s a BIG Factor we focus on.

We’re bombarded with Phones/TV’s/Car Lights/Kids Screaming/ late nights at work and just generally getting shit quality of sleep.

The Problem? 

It leads to crappy motivation to exercise, more intense food cravings throughout the day (3) & just general tiredness overall. As a result – bad choices are made.

Couple this with x7 days a week and what have you…..


So What To Do? 


2 Main Takeways from this blog;

A: Opt for High-Volume, Nutrient-Dense Veg intake Every Meal.

B: Make it a daily Pursuit to get higher quality Sleep which brushes over into EVERYTHING else.


1: Opt for High-Volume, Nutrient-Dense Veg intake Every Meal.


This is a no-brainer really but people usually come back with the – ‘Its’ boring’ or ‘I don’t like Veg’ sayings.. 

Firstly you’re not a child anymore, you know you need Veg for proper Health so it’s time to find ways to incorporate it.

Which leads into my second ‘Tip’ – Find ways to make it work for you! Which I’ve gone through HERE before.

But even simple tweaks like adding these two ‘Gems’ to meals

Or kitting out your Kitchen with some tasty spices – Plus if anyone wants to make me a drawer like the one below I’d happily accept 🙂

This Can make the WORLD of difference to meals – as cheesy as it sounds you’re only limited by your imagination really.

Plus – if you don’t right now. You WILL develop more of a taste for these foods as the days/weeks go on with the Hyperpalatable Foods becoming less addictive 🙂


2: Sleep Quality:


I realise we all live Real Lives and with Kids it’s even harder to get near 7-8 Hours Sleep every night.

Saying that I would encourage everyone to always work on their sleep – This craic of ‘I do fine on 4 hours’ is bullshit in my opinion, you’ve just gone so long all your life on 4 hours sleep you haven’t a clue what it’s like when getting 7-8 hours!

Firstly I get clients to do the following, as best they can anyways (4);


– Cut out Electronic Stimulation at least an hour before bed.

^^if you are on the laptop/phones late install the likes of FLUX or some Blue Light Dimmer App for your phone.

– Have NO lights in view in your room.

– Black it out for night time and get some big-ass curtains. 

– If it’s crazy hot in their some nights, switch this on it’s head so it’s in a cool environment.

So in an ideal world you’ve want your room to look like this at night 🙂 


But like anything, Knowledge certainly is Power. But it’s ACTION that’s the real key to pretty much everything in life. Take at least one thing away from this blog and just go do it. 

If you’re struggling to stay full when trying to lose weight – try the above.

If your Sleep is terrible, why not aim to get it even 1% better? 

Remember baby steps forward is what we’re after….

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