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One Simple Rule for Food Decisions

  • by Doc
  • May 14, 2014

I have one rule for eating food that’l un-confuse you very fast..



‘What are you eating?








Does it make you feel like shit eating it or a while after eating it?







Don’t eat it.’




^^^This is not sarcasm, it’s GOLD dust.



Or like the Members that like to slag every now and then >> that’s a KNOWLEDGE BOMB right there 🙂



On a serious note,



I’ve had most of my new ladies & Men ask about foods that they find it ‘hard’ to limit eating…



The not so healthy foods to be honest;


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– The Breads


– Sweets


– Chocolate (mmmmmm)



you get the idea..




Ina very basic nutshell, these ‘foods’ MAKE YOU CRAVE THEM MORE.



It’s a viscous cycle to be honest.




^^^it’s the food companies secret little plan to make you buy more food..



You want more,



You feel terrible,



You get sick from time to time.




So what plan I have for My Members that find ‘it hard’ to limit certain food groups (if we need to) is to SWITCH THEM. 



^^notice how I said LIMIT there – nothing is restricted.. Limiting certain food groups always depends on the Person.




Just to get STARTED making better choices.



Not going cold turkey & failing a week in..



A step forward is always BETTER than what you’ve being doing..



So if you’re hooked on bread, or a certain food,



Switch it up – replace it with fruit for example OR ‘Better’ Carbs;



I.E: Sweet Potato, Maybe a less processed ‘better’ type of Bread like Spelt, Homemade Sourdough etc.



If you can’t stop eating chocolate,



^^Sounds like me…



Try switching it for high quality 70%+ dark chocolate..



^^^These are STILL better decisions…




But you can always fall back on my 1st Rule, if it makes you feel like shit – it’s best to avoid it for a while! 



Switching foods for better choices is ALWAYS your first step..



THEN you can move onto ‘more advanced’ stuff when you’re ready to with a proper Nutritional Coach..



Don’t be the one who goes ALL OUT,



might lose a small bit of weight,



then fail & put it all back on.



Make the SMARTER decisions…



Make the Switch first, then build upon it..



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