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My Uncensored Opinion on Paleo

  • by Doc
  • August 13, 2014

One Q I get a lot is ‘Oh what Diet do you do, is it Paleo’?




^^for one, we do NOT stand as an advocate of ANYTHING, especially a ‘diet’




I simply believe in eating Real Food that works for you, limit the foods that don’t suit you, repair the Gut, re-introduce at a later stage IF we can and not to forgot to enjoy foods ‘you love’ from time to time keeping the kids and Family Happy..




That’s it.




When people want to get more in detail with their Nutriton we do, but only if it needs to and it suits there goals..




So WTF is Paleo anyways – the bandwagon everyone seems to be on?




Basically it’s this;



Okay To Eat                       Avoid


Fruits                             Dairy

Vegetables                      Grains

Lean Meats                      Processed Food & Sugars

Seafood                          Legumes

Nuts & Seeds                   Starches

Healthy Fats                    Alcohol




You’re basically eliminating a lot of problem foods,




And before you ask – Yes it may work for you..




Eating Less Refined carbs, sugar and Cake is something everyone NEEDS to do anyways…




But how sustainable is limiting yourself to a select few foods?




Why limit everything on the avoid list if you can have it without any issues in moderation?




This is why it works,




It makes people eat Real Food and takes away any potential inflaming/intolerant foods,




For those that can’t handle carbs due to hormonal imbalances, activity levels etc. going ‘lower carb’ is a brilliant option provided the healthy fats come up to replace the calories lost from carbs..




BUT: I think it’s a brilliant TEMPLATE that needs to be tweaked for the individual from there on in…




Because who wants to give up spuds? 🙂





Like everything, it has it’s pro’s and con’s;





Who it’s good for;



– People who do little to no exercise who require little carb intake



– People Intolerant to a lot of foods that have spent years eating ‘crap’ to be honest





Who it’s Not good for;



– Athletes that NEED carbohydrates to fuel their sport



– Those that want to enjoy food and live a right life 🙂



– People training hard x3-4 times a week that also need carbohydrates for repair/recovery (Jogging for 20mins on a Sunay Doesn’t count)






So that’s it really, you have to take this with a pinch of salt and remember the context – EVERYONE is different.




As always you need to find what works for you,




Paleo is a good TEMPLATE.




But you DON’T need to limit foods forever,




but you do need to give you’re body a chance which is why sometimes a few of my clients may be ‘off’ certain foods for a while…




^^and if you can’t handle certain foods – Don’t eat them.




There is a reason for this, not some flute saying ‘oh I’m on Paleo because it makes you lose weight’



I want people to have the self control to limit foods that don’t suit them but still eat what they want and live a happy, healthy life that fits in line with your goals and lifestyle – not fixating over what you CAN’T eat because you’re on ‘Paleo’.. 



A lot of this is psychological too, KNOWING you can actually have foods you like and NOT thinking oh shit if I have that I’ll get fat. We are all human at the end of the day – plus we don’t live in caves anymore so enough with the caveman shit.




Remember we chase Health.




Dropping bodyfat is the added benefit.




And this is EXACTLY what we do here at the Studio & with our Online Programs,




Eating Real Food,




Taking things slow and finding what works for you 🙂




Like the FREE Doc Fitness Cookbook below – you can ENJOY these meals and still add your 10% of your foods you love to them 🙂 Again, think of Your Free Cookbook as a TEMPLATE that you can switch up as you wish/to suit the family.



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