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Miserable Salads are the Bane of Humanity

  • by Doc
  • June 23, 2016

No matter how much we aim to get ‘our beliefs’ across at Doc Fitness about creating a sustainable, healthy, strong & confident lifestyle people still ‘believe’ that:

1: You have to go 100% Cold Turkey in everything you do. (You Don’t)

2: You have to eat ‘Clean’ BORING foods, in this case, boring, life draining, miserable salads with no creativity.

I (David) can’t go by any week or even days sometimes that if someones sees me eat a chocolate bar, my favourite 99’s or just a regular style meal where I love my veg with lots of spices in there, then add some Ketchup for example, I’ll get some stupid comment about ‘oh should you be eating that’ blah blah blah.

& when it keeps happening, sometimes you just want to tell people to…… You get the idea haha.

It’s a big belief in the whole health and fitness world today,

– You can only eat organic.

– Gluten will kill everyone.

– You can’t have any sauces because they’re the devil.

– Bread? Are you mad?

– You have to do a detox every few months to clean you out.

– You have to only eat coconut oil and chia seeds and some greens drink.

And because you’re fed this utter crap, you completely miss the fundamentals of getting in shape, toning up & getting overall ‘healthier’.

So this Blog will show you:

  • Why you need to always think bigger picture
  • Why Baby steps is the name of the game to massive, life-long results
  • Your takeaways to put into play today

Because – You DO NOT have to go cold turkey with your Nutritional side of it all where you deprive yourself of everything under the sun and just eliminate it all, you know the ones I’m talking about;

  • Bread
  • Potatoes
  • Ice Cream etc. etc.

There’s no need and here’s why.


This one is all about being focused for the long-term. 

While it’s PERFECTLY fine (& we encourage it too) to have shorter term goals anywhere from 3-6 Months for things like Weddings, Stags or Holidays, you need to keep Your bigger picture and goal always in Mind.

Because if you don’t, you’ll ‘come’ to this imaginary stopping point because you’ve ‘hit your goal’ and as the weeks/months pass you’ll just go back to square one again. (Yes, I’ve had people tell me this before, they stopped because they’ve ‘hit their goal’, but I digress)

What’s the point in looking & feeling on top of the World for things like a Wedding, if you look, perform and feel like shit the rest of your life?


Take one of our Ladies for example, she struggled at the beginning because she never set herself a goal. And only until she did, then she started making (un)real progress.

Now, while we were aiming for the short-term milestones (Holidays and Weight Goals), we STILL kept the long-term Goals in sight & here’s the results to date:

But what if she didn’t have a longer term goal in sight?

Or if she went cold-turkey with her Nutrition and went training crazy for a few short weeks here’s what the graph might have looked like:

So there’s two big things at play here,

  1. Small baby changes going forward &
  2. One overriding big ass goal to keep you focused for the long term.


I first heard of the ‘Compound Effect’ from Darren Hardy where small daily actions over time can lead to huge things over time for good OR bad. To which at the end of the day, everything always comes back to the choices YOU make daily.

Let’s take buying a coffee daily for example, a fairly small thing that most people do, but yet when you compound it over time here’s what it actually costs over 20 years:

Now imagine if that $51,833.79 was an actual goal you wanted to hit!

Imagine if you tried to hit it ‘faster’ and started buying 3-5 coffee’s a day? (Which hopefully you’re not doing haha)

How long do you think that would last going from €2 spent on coffee to potentially €15, hypothetically speaking, you just wouldn’t keep it up because it’s stupid to be spending €105 a week on coffee!

So you’d just stop due to the sustainability of it all.

Kinda like any diet or really strict goal too, the average person doesn’t need to be anywhere near as strict or depriving with their Food, so they stop, crash and revert back to old ways faster than ever.

Not really a fantastic analogy, but you get the idea 🙂 Small daily steps, compound BIG over time.

In this book Darren also describes 3 different friends with similar lives & the routes they take with a brilliant story:

  1. Larry: Makes no change.

  2. Scott: Reads 10 pages of a book a day & listens to something inspirational on the way to work daily & lowered his food intake daily by 125 calories (leaving out the coke) & committing to 2000 more steps a day. EASY STUFF anyone could do.

  3. Brad: Big TV screen, one beer after his stressful day at work daily.

At months 5 and 10 there’s still no real difference, the same 3 keep on doing the same stuff.
On the 18th month, there’s some slight differences in the 3 friends appearances.
But on Month 25 you start to really see, measurable differences.
Month 27 you see an expansive difference.
Month 31 the change is HUGE. Brad is not fat while Scott is trim – he now weighs 67 pounds more than Scott. Meanwhile Scott’s being putting all this new knowledge to work & got a raise in his job & his marriage is thriving. Brad? His marriage is on the rocks and unhappy at work. Then Larry is pretty much the same as he was 2 years ago, just now he’s a little more bitter about it.

So hopefully you’re starting to see now that you don’t need to go 100% cold turkey with things like ‘Nutrition’.


So if you’ve followed Doc Fitness for any length of time or read these blogs, you’ll know that Caloric Intake & Your Energy going out plays the biggest & most important role in shifting the weight. Here’s our Pyramid to Success to remind you:

So now you can see when someone starts worrying about:

  • When to eat their food
  • What supplements to take
  • ‘Clean Eating’ fistfuls of spinach and the most boring meals on Earth

That, these don’t really matter as long as the fundamental principle of Calorie Intake is being controlled.

Because when you realise this, you’ll know that even the most TINY changes will start to add up over time.

Compared to going cold turkey, failing miserably and going back to square one because ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘you cannot do this’.

And YES most ‘infamous’ programs out there online and some physical ‘gyms’ is what they’re built on: 

  • Get you in
  • deprive you
  • get results
  • market them
  • Next person in.

(Meanwhile, you’ve left and haven’t learnt a thing and start to put the weight back on again, often worse than before)

So, here’s another example as to why you don’t need to go cold turkey.


Let’s take a Busy Mother of 3 who’s just back to work, who wants to lose the last baby weight, tone up all over and just feel confident in the smaller clothes that are hidden in black bags at the back of the wardrobe so she can enjoy life more, go out with the girls with pride & be a role model for her kids.

She Joins Doc Fitness 🙂

So on top of a totally new habit of aiming to make x3 training sessions a week, already that’s a HUGE plus.

She thinks ‘she eats well and knows Nutrition’ which is fine, but let’s call a spade a spade here. She hasn’t a clue.

On top of that she drinks sweet feck all Water so this will be her first habit.

So she jumps from probably 1 litre a day to 2 sometimes even 3 when she’s training at the gym.

BECAUSE she’s:

  • Kept fuller.
  • More Energy.
  • Feeling Fresher 

It has a knock-on effect to automatically eat less crap food and less food overall.

So straight away – Water has made her eat less overall, she’s training x3 times a week and down 1-2lbs after a week.

If that continues for the next 2-3 weeks and she’s consistently making progress, why bother try to tackle ‘everything’ else when she’s:

  • Trying to juggle going back to work
  • Have time for the kids
  • Have time for herself and her friends
  • Have time for her Partner
  • TRY to get some sleep 

She’s tried a tonne before, every diet and ‘club’ you could think of and everything-fecking-time she’s back to square one so she’s determined this time and takes our ‘habit’ one step at a time advice.

The beauty of this is, you simply move on when YOU’RE READY.

When stress levels are kept low and you can REALISTICALLY see yourself trying to focus in more then on:

  • Vegetable Intake
  • More Protein intake
  • More Sleep where Possible

Again, all back to those baby steps forward that you do daily as compared to doing something cold turkey, hating every minute of it and going back to square one after a while because it’s just damaging to every aspect of your life.


We have one simple rule for our Members when starting out, and while some adhere brilliantly and do this right, some are also perfectly fine to take more on than usual which is fine. Again do what suits you.

Chase one Rabbit at a time.

Once you chase one habit at a time you simply need to ask yourself this:

‘Am I a 9 or 10/10 in Confidence that I can realistically manage this habit?’

If you are, you stick with it & only move onto the next habit when the last habit starts to become automatic or at least part of your daily routine.

If you’re below a 9/10, make the current habit easier or choose a different habit.

Not rocket science either is it?


All I wanted to get across in this blog was consistent BABY STEPS forward are the key to a lot of things in life.

You just have to keep moving forward every. single. day.

And YES it’s damn hard to accept slow & small changes at times, because when you want to tone up so bad you just want the result now.

But I guarantee you, if you’re someone who’s tried things before,

If you’re someone that lacks consistency because you’re getting pissed off seeing no results.

Stay the course.

Your daily actions over time WILL COMPOUND to bring huge results.

And as cringeworthy it is and I hate to say it, ‘if you really want your goal’ you will get there. If it’s emotionally connected to you and you’ve a strong driving reason behind why you want it. You WILL get there. Use this blog as motivation for that and come back to it time and time again if you need to but here’s your takeaway.

Pick the easiest thing you can do today that will move you forward.

DO NOT move off that until you’re a 9-10/10 in confidence that it’s become an installed daily habit.

If you’ve read this far, well done because too many people don’t value the information in blogs anymore because our attention spans are next to nothing, 

I’m always grateful for you reading these blogs and following Doc Fitness 🙂

And if you’ve a comment in relation to this blog, throw it below so we can help you even more to keep moving forward – after all, that’s what all these blogs are for. To help YOU.

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1: Hardy, D. (2010) ‘The Compound Effect, Multiplying your success, one step at a time.’, Success Books.