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Miserable & Busy? It’s YOUR call

  • by Doc
  • August 6, 2014

‘I honestly can’t find the time,



I’m up the walls with work lately,




Maybe in a Month or two..’





^^if I had a Euro for every time I heard that…..





Yet the majority of these people have time for;




– Pissing around on facebook for half the day



– Watching 2 hours of fair city when they get home




The real reason is that you’re not willing to make time,




….for you, so you can;




– be healthy, full of energy and feeling fresh



– Looking & more importantly FEELING better about yourself



– Having the Energy to play soccer with the lads or run around after the kids



– Basically being an all round better person




But sure you don’t have time?




I call bullshit when I hear the time story,




we can all be ‘busy’.




And that’s one of our problems especially with working busy jobs or running your own business,




But busy means sweet f**k all,




it’s PRODUCTIVE you want to be,




so you prioritise TIME,




^^Yep the stuff you DON’T get back,





You do what needs to be done for the day – you put aside time for you and the family..




Otherwise you can be ‘busy’ most of the day, get nothing done and then everything suffers as a result.





I have a saying here for myself that I have stickered on my laptop,




it’s called;




>> Get Shit Done.





Otherwise If I don’t, I won’t have time to train or actually live life.





Not having time is just another excuse,




and if you keep telling yourself that – well frankly it needs to change.









If you truly want something.





Otherwise another 3 years goes by and your more miserable than ever…





Today is a simple message,




Make time for YOU.



You deserve it.




Or else stay miserable and pissed off everyday.



So here’s what to do – Just 1 thing.



Make 30 Minutes for YOU today;



Wether it’s exercising for 30mins, Going for a walk to clear the head or even reading a book – just make 30mins.



^^then let me know how easy it was 🙂 



Like the Lads starting at 7am & our ladies starting at 9:45am starting this coming Friday & Monday,




they’re ready for change and MAKING time for themselves for once,




if you want to join them you can apply here,




but we’ve only places left for 7am MEN & 9:45AM Ladies;




>> https://docfit.wufoo.com/forms/zlzl3j61b880m2/




David ‘time is golden’ O’ Connor




P.S: Yes our ONLINE Men’s program is launching this coming saturday and we have over 70 people of the first preference list, if you want to know more Lads that can’t make the studio in Kilcolgan you can email me Direct at lifestyle@thedoc.ie ..




Now go make time for you.