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Blog ‘Lean Ladies’ Transformation Testimonial – Mairead Mullally



‘Lean Ladies’ Transformation Testimonial – Mairead Mullally

  • by Doc
  • September 11, 2014

From never undertaking any proper type of Training Program in the past, Mairead was very wary of joining up with our Lean Ladies Program as she didn’t know what to expect or who to listen to from all the Hype about ‘Fitness Stuff these days’..


Not only did she fly through the 6 Weeks, Mairead continues to move forward everyday & will now be partaking in her first every 12km Mud Run called Hell & Back. Enough from me, Check out Mairead’s Full Testimonial after her first 6 weeks below; 


(Mairead is pictured Left Here working on Shoulder Mobility with TRX Y’s)


1: What Position where you in before you started? What did you FEEL like before?


I was stuck in a rut. After having a baby, I had gained extra weight and wasn’t looking after myself. I used to eat anything as I never had any knowledge of food. This gave me the opportunity to increase my fitness, eat healthy, and lose weight.



2: What was holding you back from joining? Nervous before your first session/applying?


I had doubts in my ability for this programme. I felt I might not be able and that I would quit as soon as it got tough. I was nervous starting as I never did any fitness or exercise in a few years. My biggest fear I wouldn’t be able stick to it.


3: What kind of changes/impact on your Life have you seen since completing your ‘Lean Transformation?


I have notice a big change in my lifestyle in both my eating habits and my fitness. I now look at what I’m eating and try to eat less Sugar. I now enjoy a walk where as before a walk would never have crossed my mind.


As well as Physically Feeling & Looking better the biggest impact on my eating habits. Before the transformation I would eat a lot of carb based foods throughout the day. I have learned a lot about food, protein, healthy fats, sizes etc. although I wouldn’t be a great veg eater I am balancing my food intake a lot better.



4: What’s your favourite part of the Lean Transformation Program?



I love the training sessions. I don’t dread it being a Mon, Wed or Fri as if it were some kind of boot camp because it’s so different! There is a great atmosphere with David and other members 🙂


5: Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone sitting on the fence waiting to make that change & join?


Fill out the form. It’s a fun programme, with fantastic people all the while making a better, healthier lifestyle!




Again Mairead is here in the middle in pink Single-Arm swinging with perfect Hardstyle Russian Technique. Sometimes people are looking for something just to better themselves in any aspect of Life, don’t get fixated on just weight loss Ladies – embrace change as a whole, enjoy the process and keep moving forward 🙂 


If you haven’t a clue where to get started, want to get the confidence back, get the body you actually WANT while starting to have a LOT more Energy to simply enjoy life more – You can fill out this form below for your FREE strategy call so we can help you out on exactly what to do to get started & help guide you on the right path..


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