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Blog ‘Lean 42’ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Kieran Austin



‘Lean 42’ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Kieran Austin

  • by Doc
  • July 21, 2014

From being barely able to Squat bodyweight his first couple of sessions, Kieran has completely transformed not only his looks but his lifestyle, spending more Energy & time playing with the kids & not to mention the massive confidence boost which has completely changed his everyday life from work to friends to family.. 


^^Come along way from bodyweight to making the 36kg kettlebell above look like a 3kg 🙂 


But here are the Results and life changes from Kieran Himself; Here’s a snippet from Kieran’s Testimonial;


(I’ve left out parts of the Testimonial if you’re wondering why it’s broken into parts – this is simply because I don’t want to share Kieran’s full personal journey in terms of respecting privacy 🙂 )




1: What Position where you in before you started? What did you FEEL like before? 


“I was a couch potato, I came in from work every evening had my dinner and sat down looking at tv for the evening. I would feel bad about the lifestyle I was leading and how I was looking….


….I had loads of excuses and could rattle them off before you asked. I had stopped going outside playing with the kids because I did not have the energy. 


…Buying clothes had become a nightmare, I was up to xxxl t-shirts and had recently bought a pair of jeans with a 40 waist.”



2: What was holding you back from joining? Nervous before your first session/applying?


“Fear of success. I was in a place where I expected to fail, where I knew I would give up after a few weeks and accomplish nothing.”



3: What kind of changes/impact on your Life have you seen since completing your ‘Lean Transformation?


“I feel super and face everyday very positively. I look much better and this has had a massive effect on every part of my life. I am oozing with confidence which has transformed into my work. I am now achieving the results I know I should have been for a long time. I am more confidant and happy to put myself out there…


…I am back into 36 jeans and had to get an xl t-shirt because the other ones are too big. 
I am proud of SOMETHING I HAVE DONE for the first time in a very long time and am looking at challenges that I can push myself for. Before I would have always said to myself don’t do it don’t embarrass yourself, now I am looking at things and saying how far will this push me how will I feel when it’s all over.


I have goals now for the first time in a long time and they are all achievable, 6 months ago I would have not set goals because I would only half completed them, I would know I didn’t put my heart and soul into them. If I succeeded I would have felt like a fraud and not taken any pride in what I had done, if I failed I would not have expected anything else.”


4: What’s your favourite part of the Lean Transformation Program? 


“There are people there at every sort of fitness level but there is only one goal to improve yourself. The training can be hard but there is someone there to encourage you and push you on to help you across the line.


There is constantly someone to help with a routine, correct you if you are doing it wrong or push you harder if you are doing it and it is getting too easy. It’s a very enjoyable feeling pushing your body as hard as you can, and there is good craic there.”



5: Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone sitting on the fence waiting to make that change & join?


“Go for it.


The changes that we all wish to happen will not come about if you sit around waiting for them. Go grab your dreams and take hold of your life. We all spend so much time thinking about what we want to do and so little actually doing it.

1 small change in 1 small area of your life can have major impacts across so many different areas. Start small and make small changes to the way you go about your day. Lots of little changes and suddenly everything is different. 


How do you eat an elephant?


One small bite at a time.”



This is only the start of Kieran’s Journey as he continues to progress & better himself every single day.


This is NOT about weight loss or ‘looking good’.


It’s about being the best version of yourself you possibly can be both mentally AND physically.


Spending more time & BEING able to play with the kids more, having the confidence to feel good about yourself & not be embarrassed but most of all to tackle things head on that you thought you wouldn’t do in a million years..


Small steps being taken DAILY is the key…


Being Strong as hell & looking good naked are just added benefits 😉


(Kieran is in the middle rocking out double 24kg bells here)




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