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Blog ‘Lean 42′ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Thomas Keaney



‘Lean 42′ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Thomas Keaney

  • by Doc
  • July 29, 2014

‘It was just that I said I’d give it a go because I knew a few people that did other stuff and got no where’.


From being sick of all the hype & other people promising false results Thomas gave ‘Lean 42’ a go because he wanted to do something different. With hip issues & digestive problems on the rise, Thomas progressed at a massive rate since his first week and when we hit week 4 of his 6 Week Program he completed a 12km Mud Run called Hell & Back in Bray with his own words: “I Never thought in a million years I’d do Hell & Back”.


After his 6 Weeks the Hips are much more agile/mobile but still with a lot of work to do, confidence is through the roof along with with his Strength in all the human movements – the only thing is dropping is his bodyfat and pants size 🙂 But Like all the Men that finish their Lean 42 Program – this is only the start of Thomas’s Journey..


But enough from me, let’s here a few snippets from Tom after completion of the Results Based Men’s Lean 42 Transformation Program;



1: What Position where you in before you started? What did you FEEL like before? 


Confidence was low, Had  no energy to do anything, had pains in my hip, digestive system was all over the place. Everything came together at once!


2: What was holding you back from joining? Nervous before your first session/applying?


I had thought I had gone too far and I could not get back to the way I was when I was younger..


3: What kind of changes/impact on your Life have you seen since completing your ‘Lean Transformation?


Firstly I’ve had a loss of over 16 pounds, improved energy levels, improved gut digestion, confidence is back, feel stronger in all aspects and improved focus at work which is a major plus! 


4: What’s your favourite part of the Lean 42 Transformation Program?


Training with like minded Lads who all have similar goals as each other. The variety of training it is different week by week & it is always challenging. We always have a good laugh too in training which is always relaxing.


5: Lastly, what advice would you give to anyone sitting on the fence waiting to make that change & join?


I sat down every evening with no energy eating shite for over 6 months thinkin sure ‘I wont put on any weight’. So doing this has completely changed my outlook on healthy eating and jus feeling better about yourself. 
To any man or woman that is seeing changes in there appearance for the worse, just get up and go you wont regret it. small changes can make a big difference 🙂




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