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How to become a Ninja in the Kitchen

  • by Doc
  • August 7, 2014

“I can’t bear another Chicken/Egg salad”



^^this one has been said by a good few of the Lads here now to be honest,




Until I found out they were eating the same oul’ boring lettuce salads with either eggs & chicken and little else..




I don’t even recommend lettuce to start with because EVERYONE thinks a salad needs to be some plain, boring lettuce..




“I’m hungry then about half an hour later”




the hunger part comes into it then because you’ve eating feck all,




plus not having any healthy fats won’t keep you fuller for longer and give you that sustained energy release..




So basically you end up eating VERY little calories,




= pissed off with boring food/Zero Energy



= not bothering to stay ‘eating better’







Long story short, Once I found out this from the lads I completely changed the way they look at food,



with tips, recipes and even new Doc Fitness ‘Lean’ Curries cookbooks I published last week..




Hence things are made waaaaay easier both in the kitchen and taste of food in general…




So here’s some quick tips for cooking stuff anyone can use,




1: Buy every spice under the sun and have them on hand



2: Get hold of ‘Sauces’ with very little ‘shit’ added to them (I.E: Nando’s Peri Peri sauce, Ballymaloe relish, Franks hot sauce are a few of my favourites that I use from time to time)



3: Make up your own ‘Sauces’ (I.E: Olive Oil; Balsamic Vinegar & Apple Cider Vinegar together with whatever pepper/spices you like is gorgeous)



4: Use coconut Milk (heaven) for cooking in/ adding as a ‘sauce’ –




^^the only place at the moment that has the proper coconut milk that I can find is either Supervalu or Evergreen Health Stores (Look for the 99.65% label)



5: Add cinnamon to green/camomile teas etc.



6: Cook big batches of chicken/meat for handyness – I use chicken Kallo stock cubes for Flavour mixed with whatever spices I want



7: Pre-Chop foods to have them at the ready and even more ‘handyness’, like the peppers idea below;




8: Have lots of different nuts on hand for a handy on the go snack (almonds, pecans, walnuts, brazil nuts etc.)



^^plus don’t forget the nut butters…



9: If you’re cooking veg, add loads of different kinds to mix, Steam it, then serve it with a dollop of kerrygold butter and whatever spices on top (I always use Turmeric here)



10: Buy a good ‘Paleo’ style cookbook




Now there’s some EASY tips you can use straight away,




because ALL my Men’s & Ladies Transformation Programs have REAL lives with kids, busy jobs and need to find faster times for cooking,




which is why they cook in bulk for 2-3days at a time,




and use loads of different spices to add variety to every single meal as quick as possible…





Then you’ll enjoy food more,




you’ll find what you love and build upon it..




NOT some boring old salad.






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