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Blog How Paleo turned me into a little B*tch



How Paleo turned me into a little B*tch

  • by Doc
  • November 20, 2014

I went through the ‘Full On’ Paleo Phase and thank God I got out of it,



Now as always don’t get me wrong, remember the CONTEXT and if you want my ‘thoughts’ on Paleo you can head here >> https://thedoc.ie/my-uncensored-opinion-on-paleo/



The following is just MY experience, so take it how you want 🙂



I was reading so much stuff on it, I was convinced that everything under the sun was bad.



Soon my diet consisted of a select few foods to be brutally honest;



– Water


 – Almonds/Walnuts


 – Green Tea


 – Broccoli/Cauliflower Mixes


 – Chicken


 – Steak


 – Eggs


 – Lean Mince


 – Butter


 – Coconut Oil


 – Olive Oil


 – Spinach and few other leafy greens




(All Organic of course) Sure it wouldn’t be Paleo otherwise – right?




^^That was literally it.



I got fancy a few weeks in and started adding a lot more spices to foods but I limited myself to STRICT paleo guidelines;





At first I felt unreal – Energy Levels were up, I seemed to ‘feel lighter’ even though I wasn’t concerned with any ‘how I look’ goals at the time,



My usual allergies came DOWN. Which I’ve learnt a LOT about, so it did teach me a lot at the same time. But…..



…within a VERY short amount of time it turned me into some little Bitch to be brutally honest.



Worst of all —>> I didn’t even realise it.



I practically became ‘afraid’ of the foods to avoid thinking they might put fat on me straight away – I barely ate fucking carrots….. When I think about it, it could have led to an eating disorder.. 




– Social Life? Goodluck to that, sure you’re not allowed alcohol? Or Sweets at the Cinema?



– My burning Desire for chocolate? Couldn’t have it.



– Enjoy a Nice Meal out with the friends/family/Partner/Kids? How could I, it’s not Paleo!



– Love cooking Food and trying new stuff? No. Just no, didn’t happen.



^^I was literally afraid of certain foods, couldn’t ENJOY anything.



And by God if you ate a sandwich around me or had some ice cream of what not I’d give you one dirty look. Well maybe I wouldn’t, but in my head I was thinking how can he/she eat that – it’s not Paleo ‘Bro’.



^^Jaysus when I think back now…. the shame…



Even though I was eating good, proper real food, More Veg, More Protein I DID feel great – don’t get me wrong.




But it near crippled me in ALL other aspects of real life.




The people around you suffer.



Your Partner.



Your Family.



Your Kids.



Your Friends.



^^its’ the same with any ‘diet’ really – hence why everything we do is in the quest for Sustainability.



Then I turned to photos from 3 months Previous and it gave me a right kick up the hole.



I looked some Starved fashion model that resembled Smegal from lord of the Rings, 






and most of all I felt WEAK.



That’s when I got the HUUUGE wake up call.



Now it’s simple really, I haven’t thrown out what I’ve learnt because I DID learn what does/ does not suit my body…



I eat Paleo like foods if you want to think of it that way 70-80% of the time but I DON’T restrict myself to anything.



I still have the Vodkas.



I still enjoy my chocolate.



I can live a real life really BUT still either drop bodyfat/gain lean tissue if I want to.



Because now…



^^That’s Sustainable 🙂



Paleo? Not so much in my honest opinion.



YES you still can enjoy the foods you love, provided you’ve no major reactions to certain food groups etc. but the reality is, you can eat Real Food 70-90% of the time and enjoy the finer things in life anywhere from 10-30% of the time – it all comes down to YOUR GOALS and how it works for you and your Lifestyle.



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