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Blog Harry Potter & The kcal Economy



Harry Potter & The kcal Economy

  • by David O' Connor
  • November 24, 2016

Hey Guys, James here with another Blog.

Been awhile since my last blog as I’ve been busy making my recipe videos which may have seen..

And you may have noticed I curse an unnecessary amount, unintentionally, its just the way I am so please take caution with reading this if you have sensitive eyes 😉

So right now I’m currently eating lunch at home, thinking about the weekend to come… meaning; get drunk, talk shite and do things you would never see me do sober, like juggling 5 pint glasses and failing miserably.

Thinking of this weekend to come I’m going to use a strategy that I like to call Calorie Economics to help me stay on track with my fat loss goals.

But… Before you go any further if you haven’t the slightest clue on what Calories & Macronutrients are, checking out Coach David’s blog on Everything Calories would be a wiser place for you to start: https://thedoc.ie/why-calories-will-always-be-king-part-1/

Essentially what I want to help you with in this blog is:

  • How to Enjoy Your Christmas & Nights Out.
  • At least Limit the damage from nights out and/or stay in line with your fat loss goals.

So let’s get to it.


Whether it’s tracking your Calories /Macronutrients or if you take a Clean/Healthy eating approach to your fat loss, this blog is for you if you want to keep it that way consistently without taking a step back. But again, you may be lost if you haven’t at least learnt the principles of Nutrition & Fat Loss 101 which David talk’s about here.

Meet Willy Wonka

So to get this whole ‘Calorie Economics’ point across, we’re going to use Willy as an example.

Willy is a 200lb man looking to shed the fat and get lean before the summer in 2017. So let’s say we’ve worked out his Calorie & Macronutrient Targets based off his job, age, activity levels etc. so his overall daily intake as a result is 2000 kcal.

Like everything else in our lives, when it’s put into a weekly Perspective, we know his weekly intake would be 14,000 kcals (2000 x 7 = 14,000)

In a basic nutshell, Willy needs to stay within these calories when tracking his food.

Looking at it this way, we can see ‘the way’ he consumes 14,000 kcal across a typical week.

Willy is fairly consistent when it comes to his calorie/food intake and stays within his deficit of 14000 Calories/Week.

Now Willy is as active as he can be, with work and other commitments, he resistance trains x3 times per week and nearly always get in a Cardio session. If he’s lucky and feeling up to it, possibly two cardio sessions.

He’s not that active during the day because of his desk job, but makes the conscious effort to park a good bit away from his work building and takes the stairs up to his office.

Taking all of this into account he loses 1-2 lbs of body fat per week.

Good Man Willy 🙂

Willy Goes to Partay

With the weekend coming, he has been invited to a friends party, we’ll say a Harry Potter appreciation night. (Yes, I’m a big Pothead)

Obviously this is going to involve a lot of alcohol with some drinking games and finger food… and hopefully, by the power of Dumbledore, he’ll get to use his Mystical Elder Wand too if you know what I mean 😉

(Image Courtesy of Pinterest.com)

Being the mad bastard that he is, when he usually goes on a night out the general layout of the night goes like this:

  • Get shit-faced, do crazy shit, eat a takeaway, go to bed at 7AM the next day.
  • Get up at 12PM, drink two litres of water, two litres of coke
  • Eat another takeaway, which he buys way too much of and was over ambitious about eating it all in one go. So whatever is leftover, he consumes as a pre-bed snack.
  • Cry to sleep.

The Problem?

He’s consuming way too much Calories for two days.

Probably more than double and if I were to guess it would be up around 4000-5000 Calories each day. So now, he’s week suddenly looks like this:

That brings his Weekly Calories up to 18,800 kcal and turning his deficit on it’s head to a surplus of 4,800 Kcal (basically adding more than 2 extra days to his weekly food intake).

Come Monday he’s up anywhere from 1-4lbs pounds after consistently losing a 1-2lb’s on a weekly basis. But that necessarilly doesn’t mean he’s gained that fat over the weekend – it’s just the fluctuation of bodyweight due to the weekend carb intake, lack of sleep & alcohol intake.

The following Friday two things could happen, he’s either still the same weight as last week – or could be potentially up a third of a pound or so – going completely against the grain of his goals.

Now Enter Calorie Economics – I.E: Your Savings

How to Avoid this Conundrum?

Think of Calories as Currency.

Save your Calories.

For instance when it comes to your money and you want to buy a new car, you start saving.

You become more conscious of what you spend and in turn a regular item/thing you get weekly is sacrificed to allow you to save.

The same goes when it comes to food,

When you know you’re going to go out at the weekend, you can save your Calories for that occasion.

This allows you to “Spend” them on that night without the guilt and the step back from your progress.

The hangover is the same though I’m afraid… 😉


The week before this Epic Harry Potter appreciation shindig is on, Willy goes into a further calorie deficit of 1700-1800 kcal/Day.

He does this Monday–Sunday and throughout that week he saves 1,400 Kcal to use at the Party.

This was just the 200kcal chocolate bar along with some of his Carbs sources he has every day.

He managed to hit his protein intake of 180g everyday too, which is important for his recovery from training, body composition and keeping him fuller for longer.

Not a Calorie Tracker?

If it’s a case that you don’t track your Caloric intake, But you have a well balanced, healthy diet you can do the same.

The same week your night out is on you can do the following to maintain or even continue with your fat-loss:

  • Limit the amounts of carbohydrates you eat throughout the day
  • Skip the treats/snacks in your day
  • Maintain the amounts of Protein you eat throughout your day so your body doesn’t use muscle for fuel
  • Eat 3-4 meals distributed evenly (But again, the Carb Portions are doing here – you may only get your Carb sources from Veggies to save the Calories)

Recap and Goal Importance

So to Summarise:

  • Willy ate 200-300 less Calories everyday saving 1,400 Kcal for ‘spending’ at the weekend
  • He prepared 4 meals, 1,900 Kcal worth, for the next day so he doesn’t act the dick and goes getting a take-away for the hangover cure.
  • Plan what you drink on the night. A bottle of corona comes in at 150 Kcal while a form of short would come in around 70 – 100 Kcal.
  • Plan and prepare for the next day to keep you focused.
  • Stay Consistent on Calorie/Food Intake.

Here’s a handy little chart to give you an idea of the Calories in Alcohol:

(Image Courtesy of Daily Mail.co.uk)

Goals play a massive part here again.

Focus on that long term goal and break it down monthly, weekly and then daily so you know exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to go.

If you have a vision tied to that goal and you really want to get there so fucking bad, you’ll have no problem with saving your calories, sticking to the amount which you saved up and staying on track.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, stuffing your face with a taco fries, 1/4 pounder with quadruple cheese and having a diet coke so you don’t feel to bad.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Booze

Now this is just a little tip on how to actually enjoy life while being in a calorie deficit and reaching your overall target but it doesn’t have to be alcohol to save your calories for.

You could use this concept when you’re going to the cinema, eating a large amount of popcorn with a share bag of Maltesers or even having a Pizza with the family.

(Image Courtesy of iFunny.co)

Again it’s about the balance, being smart and living a real life.

If going out or getting a takeaway every now and then helps you stay motivated and consistent with your body goals, what harm is it?

As with a lot of things Moderation is the key here… not every weekend because you think you deserve it after jogging for 10 minutes 😉

At the end of the day it comes down to what you want in the long run and what helps you stay on track,

Hopefully I won’t turn you into an alcoholic

James Connolly – Doc Fitness


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