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Fup Your Quick Fixes & Do This

  • by David O' Connor
  • February 23, 2017

If you haven’t a clue what ‘Fup’ means, you’re not Irish or have been living under a rock and never seen the mighty Father Ted.

Anyhow, here’s where it came from;

(Not actually as funny as it used to be ? – Irish acting at it’s finest)

Anyhow, It’s my polite way of ‘using language‘ to get across a pretty big issue that we encounter daily,

It not only ruins peoples results in the long term, but can trigger emotional eating patterns, constantly make you view things as good or bad,

Or, if you have a ‘slip up’ where everything goes to hell & you never really enjoy Fitness or Food as it CAN be.

And no matter how much Blogs, Videos, Emails or Free Cookbooks we put out aiming to help people with this stuff, that mentality is still there.

What I’m talking about is Quick Fixes in general, Diets, Fads or whatever you want to call them.

And I want this Blog to do one Simple thing for you;

Wake you up to HOW POWERFUL changing small little things (that are stupid easy to do) can reap massive results and form life-long, healthy habits over time.


A lot of what you do throughout a typical day and week is habitual, and the cool thing about this too is that there is research out there showing (in some cases) that over 40% of our actions are habitual. (1)

Now if this research is highly accurate or not, 40% is not something to brush off.

If habits form a big part of your actions, they’re worth perking up, becoming aware of & seeing are they adding to your life or taking away from it.

Then comes this figure of 21…

It takes 21 Days to form a new Habit and all that jazz – so much so, that people fall into the trap of thinking, if I do it for 21 days – ‘I’ll be grand’.

But as you probably know, 21 days isn’t that great for forming habits is it?

If might work ok for some, and if there’s research behind this or not (there is some, but highly flawed in ways, showing habits can take up to 66 days to form) we do believe that it takes a hell of a lot longer than 21 days. (2)

So don’t expect things to happen over night, Habits take time and shooting for the 60 Day Plus mark can be a good starting point.


Then comes actually choosing new habits…

Yes you might want any of the following;

– Lose Weight

– Slim Down

– Tone Up

– Build Slabs of Muscle

– Or just get Fit

But ALL of these require ‘healthy’ habits and the most obvious ones of Exercising & Eating right for your goal.

So here’s what I mean by making a Habit stupid easy,

You know you need to eat More Veggies, but you’re not crazy about Veg.

Which is easier to start with?

Trying to eat Veggies with 3 Meals all of a sudden, starting from barely any?


Simply adding, one little piece of Veg to your Main Meal for that day?

Pretty obvious which is easier here 😉

Moral of this again? Make it Stupid easy to succeed with.


Next up comes actually stop looking at the Magic Pills, the Unicorn promises, the crazy results in 7 Days, 2 weeks, 4 weeks or whatever it is.

SURE they might be great to get you started, but if a certain plan or programme isn’t based off Principles, Science and Real Life that’s sustainable for the long run and builds healthy habits over time, why bother?

Yes you’ll get those results for them 4 weeks, but when you stop, what happens?

Think Bigger Picture, Think Long Term of what you want out of this and ACCEPT the time it will take to get there.

And this is where reality sets in too, something to get out of the Position you’re now in, may take the same length of time it took you to get into it! (Give or take)

Keep your long term goal in sight because if there’s one thing about creating Habits “Implicit Goals provided potentially powerful guides to action…” (1)


If starting tiny and keeping your long term goal in sight isn’t enough to buy you into this, think of the compound effect versus what you’ve done in the past.

Let’s say you did ‘X’ Programme or diet plan for 8 Weeks and lost 16lbs of body fat,

BUT, learnt sweet feck all and now, after 6 Months you’re back at square one or just haven’t made any real progress.

So over 8 Weeks you lost a consistent 2 lbs a week of body fat. But put it all back on after another 6 Months.

Now If I told you, in the same time frame you’d only lose, let’s say 4 lbs. The 16lbs is WAY more appealing isn’t it?

But imagine in the 6 Months afterwards this KEPT going, you’d be down the 16lbs in 32 weeks, but not to just stop there.

You’ve learnt strong new healthy habits, took things one step at a time and ENJOYED the fecking thing!

When you graph that up and go beyond that, here’s what it could look like,

Again this is just showing what ‘could’ happen theoretically speaking, if this was real life, we’d approach it a different way with planned break periods etc. if someone had over 50+lbs to lose.

And, the Fat Loss would NEVER be just a straight line!

So the moral of all that ~ Don’t brush off the power of small daily changes over time.

The more you repeat these habits, the Stronger they get, which in turn when ‘Intensions’ to go for certain foods comes into play, you’re more likely to decline them due to the Strengths of the habits you’ve formed.

It’s not to say you can’t enjoy chocolate, but at least you know, you’ll nearly HAVE FULL control over your intensions.


Again this will all come back to Fundamental Principles around Training & Nutrition, if you’re learning these Principles and understand them on a basic level, you can make things work for you rather than mindlessly following a plan.

Because at the end of the day, this is what all diets do, they manipulate the Energy Balance Principle so you either lose weight or gain it.

We do the same, making sure the weight lost is predominately from fat and not muscle tissue, but we TEACH this too so our clients can make this process easier in their day to day life and not see things as ‘good or bad’, feel bad if they eat certain foods or not know why they aren’t making progress.

So again, Principles always rule.


This blog ended up being way longer than expected, so I’ll keep this to the point:

  • Make new Habit forming strategies Super Easy. Then build upon these over time.
  • Keep your bigger picture in Mind. Accept the time needed and keep moving forward.

The End.

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  1. Neal et al. (2006) ‘Habits—A Repeat Performance’, Association for Psychological Science, Volume 15—Number 4: http://web.archive.org/web/20130304192332/http:/dornsife.usc.edu/wendywood/research/documents/Neal.Wood.Quinn.2006.pdf
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