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Catherine | I had no Expectations…

  • by David O' Connor
  • March 15, 2018

Since moving to Galway Mid-2016 & joining us here at Doc Fitness early 2017, Catherine has gone from Strength to Strength in her training. Showing up on the days she didn’t feel like it, always putting in the work and constantly aiming to do that bit better every time she stepped foot in Doc Fitness.

She encapsulates everything that Doc Fitness is about and in the process has “..went from a size 14/12 to a 10.” Hear it straight from Catherine below 🙂 ;

What Kind of Position were you in before you started?

I never thought I would find an exercise regime that I would actually enjoy and stick to. The thought of running outside in the blistering cold had absolutely no appeal to me. Joining a conventional gym, I knew wouldn’t work as I personally need someone to guide me to finish reps and to keep on going.

When I joined on the 4th of Jan 2017, I was new to Galway. Didn’t know a single person but knew I had to do something to get back into shape. I was worried about not settling in this climate and I needed something to focus on, I needed those endorphins.

What was Holding you back from Joining (if anything)?

I was extremely shy. I had no expectations. I decided to do the month trial period and take it from there. After one week, I was hooked.

What made you decide to try Doc Fitness?

Doc Fitness was the best decision I ever made.

Six months after me, I joined Tristan (Catherine’s Son). He was on his Summer holidays and as he was struggling with his confidence and being new to school etc, we needed something to occupy him with. Best thing we could have done.

Apart from looking amazing, his confidence is back on track and he is learning from a young age how important physical exercise is. Shortly after Tristan, Ciaran (Catherine’s Partner) (reluctantly) joined and I can honestly say it has helped us so much mentally. After the shock of the move, it has helped us to focus on our future and is an excellent excuse for us to spend time together as a family. Healthy, competitive fun between the 3 of us.

What are your Results like to date?

I feel very strong, more energetic and I enjoy the feeling of a balanced life.

My physical shape has changed completely. I have lost only about 3kg, but a whopping 11cm around my waist.

I went from a size 14/12 to a 10.

What 3 Biggest Areas of your Life has this Impacted?

I’m definitely more conscious and wiser about my nutrition. I will happily now take part in an outdoor activity, hike or fun run.

My whole family understands how well Doc Fitness has impacted me, and they notice immediately if I missed a day at the gym.

It balances my mood and cognitively strengthens me.

What’s your favourite thing about Doc Fitness?

The friendliness, music and the coaches. It sometimes takes some motivation to just get there, but once you are there…it is great! The 1 hour a day I put aside just for me.

Lastly, what would you say to someone who’s sitting on the Fence about Joining?

Count backwards from 5 and just do it!!


We know the first step is usually the hardest, so we make it easy 🙂 Click the link below which will bring you to our page where you can see which coaching program might be for you;




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