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Careful, reading this might kill you

  • by Doc
  • June 3, 2014

EVERYTHING seems to be bad these days..



Spuds are bad,



Protein can kill you.



And the latest one is that a supplement called ‘Creatine’ can drive you insane & kill a tonne of people (If you seen that over in America)



^^More absolute MUCK broadcasted by the media..




Maybe if you keeping read these you might die.




>> Joke.



Anywho what I’m getting at is try to block out all that shit.



Otherwise you’ll end up reading everything & just confusing yourself.



Like I heard from a RELATIVE of mine over the weekend, he’s been brainwashed that the ONLY Protein he can eat is; Chicken, Turkey, Eggs & Fish <<WTF?



^^He’s been told this by a ‘Well-Known’ Local Nutritionist..



‘All the rest of the stuff can kill you’ he said..




^^ this is the shite the general public have to listen to?



But as always I don’t want you to look at food as good or bad.



I look at food as simply this;



-It’s either REAL food (Real Single Ingredient Foods)



– Or some processed crap (Not Food)



That’s it. Not good or bad. It’s either food or Not 🙂




The reason WHY we are the fattest we have ever been is because it’s our ABILITY TO HANDLE foods that is fecked up.




Our hormones cannot deal with this overload,




so systems SHUT down.



Fat storage goes on OVERDRIVE.



But the main one today is that a CALORIE is not SIMPLY just a calorie.



^^More of what my relative was told the last day,



‘it’s fine to eat it as long as it fits your calories’



So that means deep-fried chips give the same Nutritional value as a head of Broccoli?







But it all goes back to the simple rule of REAL SINGLE INGREDIENT FOODS.



If more people started with this ^^



– Health markers would improve drastically,



– Bodyfat would drop



– You’d feel a tonne better



– & A biggie: LOOK better too.




If you still think a calorie is a calorie have a gawk a this brilliant page about 200 calorie foods..



it might open your eyes a small bit 🙂



>> http://www.artfido.com/blog/photographic-series-showing-what-200-calories-looks-like-in-different-foods/




David ‘Slating bullshit’ O’ Connor



P.S: As always keep an open mind with this type of stuff & DON’T listen to every tom, dick & harry about ‘good & bad’ foods 🙂