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Blog Are Greens Powders any Good? (Recipe)



Are Greens Powders any Good? (Recipe)

  • by Doc
  • May 16, 2014

I’m hearing Tonnes about ‘Greens Drinks’ being floated around as the worlds next best thing lately..



Like they’re some magic weight loss miracle..




Yes they are great,



there’s no question they help you get a boat load of nutrients, and have a host of HEALTH related benefits – think of it as eating a plate load of veg..



…in 1-2 mouthfuls.






it goes back to what most young lads do today,



they go to the gym & have a protein shake straight after..



But continue to eat terrible throughout the rest of the 24hours, 7days a week…



The same with people eating crap all the time, then take a multivitamin thinking there healthy as can be?



^^^Harsh – But TRUE.



You have to learn to walk before you can ride a bike I’m afraid..



Or else fool yourself into thinking just throwing a greens drink into a shit diet will make you any better..



By Greens Drinks I mean;



– Wheatgrass Powders


– Barleygrass Powders


– OR a General MIX of loads of Greens



I personally used to use barleygrass/Wheatgrass Powders – But it tasted like shit to be brutally honest.



^^anyone who’s had them know’s what I’m talking about 🙂



I still do from time to time to get more ‘Greens in’  but now I mainly Blend/Juice & make some nice tasting Green’s Smoothies instead.




So in essence they’re brilliant for getting extra Greens into the Diet, but don’t go thinking they’re a magic weight loss supplement because it doesn’t mean by taking one you’ll lose weight!




We ALL need more Greens. Period.




It ain’t rocket science.




Just don’t jump the gun,




They are a great ADDITION to your Nutrition, but still not a replacement for real food.



I use take a shot in the morn to ADD to my veg intake. Now it’s a Green Smoothie with the Greens Powder ‘Added in’ provided it doesn’t take the taste away from it.




They Claim to;



– Boost Health


– Good for aiding Fat Loss (Fuller For Longer etc.)


– Easily getting in Veg Intake for Nutrients


– Detoxifies the body 




You cannot deny that proper Greens Powders do have a host of related Benefits – Just Google a certain Green’s Powder Brand, look at it’s ingredients, then google some of those ingredients.





So Yes, they are Great in My Opinion as we all need more Greens,




Wether you want to ADD MORE by the Greens Powders mentioned above or blending your own like my Nutri Ninja Blender below, it’s up to you. 






But DON’T think taking one will make you any better if your Nutrition/training isn’t on point. 




KNOW WHY you take things or do certain things – always, with anything in life. Never take anything as Gospel and keep an open mind ALWAYS. 



Sample Easy Green Recipe:



This one is a sample low-calorie style Greens Smoothie Recipe. You can add a shot of ‘Greens’ Powder here too for example but if it makes it taste terrible, just leave it out – again mix and match with recipes, add protein powder or add more of whatever you want depending on your total calorie intake for the day;


What You Need;


  • 1 cup spinach leaves
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1/2 cup Almond Milk
  • 1/4 Liberte Fat Free Yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon Meridean Peanut Butter



148cal – PRO: 10G / CAR: 19g / FAT: 4g



Horse it all into a good Blender until Smooth – Enjoy 🙂 




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