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Alcohol, Fat Loss & Toning Up

  • by Doc
  • May 17, 2016

‘Let’s be realistic here,

a lot of people like to have drinks at the weekend or maybe go out during the week with friends and family and stuff like that,

but HOW do you do that and still stay on track with being doing in body weight, losing body fat, with gaining muscle and those type of things.

So, here’s a quick synopsis of what I do, what our clients do as well so we can stay on track weekly.’


1: Manipulate Carbs Intake for ‘Alcohol Calories’

I.E: If you want to REALLY be specific, take for example a Glass of Wine, it’s 160 Calories of Alcohol, we know Alcohol is 7 Calories per Gram and if we’re manipulating that for Carb intake we divide 160/4 (Carbohydrates is 4 calories per gram)

So 160/4 = 40grams of Carbs.

Or this equates to ‘roughly’ two regular cupped handful sizes of carbohydrates for Men, and two ‘bigger’ cupped handful sizes of carbs for ladies.

2: Eat Less the Days/Week you KNOW you’ll be socialising.

I.E: Keep Protein/Veg intake High or as normal and reduce your Carb/Intake by a couple of Hundred Calories per Day to ‘save them’ for the weekend.

If you don’t track calories closely – again, reduce 2 cupped handful sizes of carbs and a thumb size of fats from your days leading up to the Night Out. This could save up to 700-1000 calories extra for the weekend so you(potentially) won’t damage your weekly fat loss goal.

3: Have a Sneaky Pint or 2 of Water on the night out.

4: TRY your best to get Some Sleep that Night & have a Pint of Water before Sleep and keep one there handy too.

5: Do the above and the next day you ‘shouldn’t’ feel the need to Pig Out.

*NOTE: You can see it’s possible but again, let’s be real. Binging your face off, is not.

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