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Blog 8 Random Realities of Getting Shredded



8 Random Realities of Getting Shredded

  • by Doc
  • April 7, 2016

Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook can all be either Motivating or depressing as hell.

With social media at it’s highest surge right now, image is portrayed as ‘everything’ and from that, I see it do two things;

1: Motivate you to go out & chase down the shape you want to be in.


2: Put you crawling back into your box ‘because I’ll never look like him/her’.

Most of the time it’s #2 I see and sadly puts most lads and ladies into hiding under the hoodies even more at times because they’re intimidated by what they see.

If you ever see me post an image with my top off for example, I do it for 2 reasons;

A: Keep myself accountable

B: Inspire others with a little message underneath rather than saying something I cringe at like “Just smashed that workout, Legs & blah blah blah.”

So this Blog is not to scare you away from getting ‘Shredded’ but to open your eyes to the bigger picture of all this & just keep progressing forward in all aspects of life.

It probably should be called something else to reach more people that want to either lose weight or just tone up but I’ve overheard so many Lads talk about how they’d ‘love to be shredded’ lately – I hope it hits home.

When you Coach people Privately both on and offline – the amount you learn about how people really think/act/do is Insane.

So here’s some random thoughts on how all this ties in together. It’s a big-ish read so if you’re on the go, get a bit in now and read the rest later. This is something you need to take in.


Going through College took it’s toll and I’ve talked about this before. In a nutshell I lived on Spuds & Chicken Dippers with a nice side of Ketchup, followed by inordinate amounts of beer, vodka and whatever else the lads bought you on those nights out.

It didn’t help either that I was obsessed with going to the cinema, which of course meant;

– Large Coke.

– Large Popcorn.

– Share-size bad of Minstrels. But I wasn’t sharing it 😉

And I remember when the switch went off in my head like it was yesterday – I started to see films where lads were in savage shape.

Not only that – they were portrayed as characters in them films with confidence, strength, Power and the physique to go along with it all.

At first I was always telling myself: ‘that’s unrealistic’ ‘sure they’re celebs on daft programs’ and all that.

I was TELLING MYSELF the same story every time I seen a lad in a film in ‘shape’. When all I was REALLY doing was criticising myself because I became a lazy flute.

Then one weekend with a mouth full of popcorn with 3 minstrels oozing through it (a dangerous combo!) I sat there…

Witnessing again, I think it was one of the New-ish bond films with a few Lads in incredible shape.

And there and then I literally said ‘I’m going for that’. That sounded Wrong, I mean, I was going for that ‘look’. I.E: To get in better shape than I was now.

I dropped the popcorn, left Kate sitting on her own and stormed out of the cinema.

… that last part didn’t really happen. Plus, I hoovered up what was my last Large/Combo meal to this day.

So I suppose you could say, the first step to all this was just a basic belief in myself that I can do it if I want to.

Who ever said I couldn’t? Only myself really.


This is something we’re BIG on with our Members here at Doc Fitness, we drill home the Mindset side of it all.

Call it Mindfulness, Self-Awareness or whatever you want – but in a basic sense, we set Goals so we have something to chase down & be motivated to do it all with a strong personal WHY behind it all.

So the first thing you need to ask yourself is WHY? Why do you want to (really) do this? Or even if it’s to get in a bit better shape than you are now, why?

Check out this Blog for starting on the right foot with this goals stuff: https://thedoc.ie/get-more-time-for-you-your-family-your-fitness-part-1/

Ok let’s get to the meat of this. If you’ve stuck around until now – fair play. I tend to ramble 🙂


I won’t lie, at the beginning things are great. You’re motivated as hell, but when that initial motivation wears off, if the goals aren’t set in place you’ll crumble when it get’s hard.

  • Are you willing to show up 3-4 times at the Gym a week? EVERY week? Month after Month?
  • Are you willing to roll out of bed on the days where you’d much prefer to keep the head on the pillow?
  • Are you willing to Lift Weights you’d never think in a million years you would & constantly challenge yourself to lift better and more?
  • Are you willing to push 90-95% some weeks when all you want to do is stop training?

See the thing is we don’t see the ‘hard’ training days portrayed over social media either – we only see the good days & how people love it because everyone’s life is just perfect isn’t it? BULL-SHIT.

Some days will be Great.

Some will be shit.

Some will be kinda ok.

And that’s just how it generally is.

If you’re serious about building proper Muscle or toning up, living longer, having boat loads more Energy, a higher sex drive you have to put in the hard work.

Don’t get me wrong either – We’re all about the Fun side of training & our members DO love the journey. It’s NOT always ‘all-out’ training, that’s stupid & counter-productive but there are times we push it up a notch..

But they’ll tell you themselves, they didn’t get the way they are by putting in ‘ok’ work. They work HARD. 


We’re all for being flexible with your Nutrition. Learning proper habits for life so you can make your daily Nutrition suit you without being deprived.

But being able to ‘fit in’ a pint or 2 into your Weekly Nutrition is one thing. Binging on 15 Pints isn’t.

Some things will just have to Give if you want to get a result every single week.

This is the decision again you need to make here too – do you want to put yourself a week behind your goal or keep progressing forward with it?

The leaner/more toned/shredded you want to get, the stricter or ‘tighter’ with your Nutrition you’ll have to be.


Before you read any further – do you need to be shredded?

Unless you’re going for a Physique competition, then No. Being lean and having visible Abs is one thing to being ‘Shredded’.

Again this comes back to social media – most ‘Fitness’ guys you see out there are Bodybuilding competitors that need to get sub 10% bodyfat for shows. YOU DON’T.

So stop thinking that this is a realistic option going forward.

I fell for this years back too thinking if I wanted to get in shape, “I had to aim to be shredded.” Because these days, we see it so much on Instagram or Facebook – you’d nearly think it’s the norm.

Is having a bit more Lean Muscle and the Visible outline of your Abs (while ENJOYING your life x10 times more) not better?


Building on #3 – Focus on yourself, what you want and no one else.

Stop comparing yourself to others because they’re not you. They’re different in every way possible.

Do you and that’s it. No one talks about this either, and I see so f*cking Many lads & ladies comparing themselves to others in terms of looks, strength levels and whatever else floats into their heads.

This mental torment will get you no where fast. I’ve done a video on this before too – if you haven’t seen it check it out here:


As cheesy as it sounds it has to be a lifestyle for you, your Partner and family.

If you cannot be bothered to learn Nutritional habits for life then guess what. You won’t. And 5 years down the line you’ll still be clueless on the whole Food side of it all falling for the next detox/shake or no carb plan on the go.

If you’re not willing to let that limited Mindset go about How working out is only for ‘Fitness Freaks’, then 5 years down the line you’ll probably have more weight on, more miserable, less Energy, less confidence and more risk of health complications.

Again I said ‘probably’ here, I’m only suggesting what could happen 😉

It has to become a lifestyle or you’ll continually be stuck in the rut you’re now in.


If you’re not growing your Dying. This will come basic to some and not to others but the short and sweet of it is, you need to:

– Progress at getting better DAILY in your Nutrition.

– Your own Mindset/Personal Growth

– Your training – are you actually progressing in the gym? Getting Stronger? Leaner?

– Your mobility/movement – are you constantly in pain/Restriction?

This kinda brings in the whole aspect of life like Relationships, Your Job etc. but it ties perfectly into this blog because if you don’t know by now we’re all about the bigger picture here.

And if you’re not progressing on all levels in some shape or form, things will crumble.

Just because you lose ‘X’ amount of weight or get to ‘X’ level of Bodyfat doesn’t mean ‘you’ve reached, your goal’. It just means you’ve opened up new possibilities as to what you can do next 🙂


I’ve been using Gary Vaynerchuck as a prime example of this lately (a Guy I follow who owns a Social Media Company in America) worth over 10’s of Millions but in the last few years his health took a hit.

So he hired a full time Personal Trainer because that’s the only way he was going to be kept accountable with his training & Nutrition.

There’s no guesswork as his trainer Mike, guides him every step of the way. And I’ve personally witnessed Gary’s transformation over the last 2 years which is pretty cool to see from a Guy who talks his talk in running such a big business and then looks after his Health amongst that, caring for his wife and kids and traveling a LOT.

It’s why I continue to progress in my Training and Growing Doc Fitness – I Have coaches & Mentors who’ve been there before me to guide me along.

But not only that you’re:

– Kept HIGHLY Accountable

– Almost Guaranteed results if you’ve a trusted coach

– Get the maximum out of your Training/Nutrition if they’re a highly reputable coach

– Have someone to answer to and get feedback on your training too.

So in short a Coach = Accountability = Results.


I write about this in most Blogs so I won’t blab on again about it.

Be Consistent, day in day out, week in, week out, month it month out, with all of the above. Consistency will trump many things at the end of the day.

But if you’re not consistent – you’re not going anywhere.


That went on longer than expected so if you’re reading this – THANK YOU. I’m always forever grateful for you reading these blogs, watching all the videos and following my own (Coach David) and the Doc Fitness Journey.

The realities here aren’t major wake up calls really, but the thing is, when some of these are off, things fall apart.

Before you ever embark on anything you ever do, accepting what lies ahead is a big tip that’s never done.

Take these 8 Points on board and I guarantee you’ll get better results. If that’s getting Shredded then mighty, if it’s losing a stone, toning up, or just getting into starting this healthier lifestyle even better. Take these on board and start moving forward one baby step at a time.

Plus if you think I left any out, throw a comment below as to what you think are ‘pinnacles’ to your Health & Fitness Journey.


If you’re reading this and do want to start on the Path to getting Lean but you’re current routine isn’t working – Have you downloaded my Lads Free ‘Get Lean’ 3-Part Video Course Yet? Just click the picture below, fill in your email and get it sent straight to your inbox: