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Blog 5 Human Movements For The Ultimate Fat Loss



5 Human Movements For The Ultimate Fat Loss

  • by Doc
  • November 5, 2015

It’s no lie really, when you enter the gym after a few years off or if you’ve never ‘been in there’, people haven’t a CLUE how to train right, safe or that leads in any shape or form to their goals.

A bit harsh, but from what I’ve seen & coached over the years, it’s 90% right 😉

Thinking goes like this mainly;

“Shit, my Jeans don’t fit anymore & I’ve no Energy for the Kids.”

RESULT: Avoid social events, feel like crap, but embarrassed to head to a gym.

So you start running, and after a few weeks, just get no where. Maybe injured with a few pounds down but that’s it.

Ok maybe it’s not as easy as that… But the fact is, very little people train ‘right’ or with any structure.

I say ‘right’ because I think there’s a basic Principle that people starting off in their quest for getting in shape and living a happier life starts with MOVEMENT.

Knowing HOW to move right according to the Basic Human Movements, which in turn will lead to fat loss or packing on some Muscle when done right. (Whatever your goal is)

So here’s what you’ll learn in this Blog;

– The 5 Basic Movements for Ultimate Fat Loss that you simply need to be doing (& how to do them right)

– How to structure these in a weekly format if you’re starting out (OR if you want to add in separate ‘conditioning’ sessions to your current training)

– OR just to re-visit these movements and take some ‘technical’ tweaks from them & add them to your own training 🙂

Let’s get to it, for beginners new to the ‘lifting weights game’ we base their training around these main 5 movements;


Or as Strength Coach Dan John put’s it;

‘The five basic human movements from the Strength Coach’s perspective are in this order:

1. Push
2. Pull
3. Hinge
4. Squat
5. Loaded Carry’ (Loaded Carry here being our ‘Core Work’)

So when you’re starting off, if you put your focus into these rather than the treadmill, you’re off to a flying start 🙂


1: Goblet Squats (SQUATS)

2: Push-Ups (PUSH-UPS)

3: TRX Rows (PULL)

4: Grooving the Hinge & RDL’s (HINGE)

5: Power Plank (CORE WORK)

How to structure these in a weekly format

If you just took these 5 exercises and nailed down the technique every session you would progress Ten Fold compared to what you would have done in the gym. 

Thing is, sometimes if can get boring just doing the same ‘5’ without at least a bit of variation.

So here’s a very simple routine for a beginner looking to learn these movements at home to get back into things & start dropping bodyfat, OR if you’re lifting for 1-2 years and want to use these as a weekly ‘Conditioning Session’ to add to your Lifting Work.

This template is 20-Min Rounds, done in a circuit like fashion working off an A & B workout.

Again, if you haven’t done anything in years and just starting out, 20-mins 3-4 times a week is a perfect starting point 🙂 Plus you can do it at home.


A1: Goblet Squats (Grab a rock from the back Garden or some hold-able ‘weight’) x8-12

A2: Push-Ups (Too hard? Use a table or the edge of a chair to make them easier) x8-12

A3: Straight-Arm Burpees x8-12

A4: Practicing Your Hinge with a Broom x20

A5: Power Plank: 30-40s

*Little to no Rest in between

REST AFTER THE 5: 45-90seconds


A1: Forward Lunges x8-12 each leg

A2: Push-Ups (Too hard? Use a table or the edge of a chair to make them easier) x8-12

A3: Pulling Movement –
If you’re at home if may be awkward to get in rowing Movements like the video above. But you could use a resistance band in the same format aiming for 20reps whilst really contracting (squeezing) the muscle when your hands are rowed in towards your chest.

A4: Practicing Your Hinge with a Broom x20 (Or if you’re ready to add weight like the RDL FOR 8-12)

A5: Side Plank: 20s either side

*Little to no Rest in between

REST AFTER THE 5: 45-90seconds & Repeat for 20Mins

So above you’ve 2 workouts that you can alternate every second time for 3-4 times a week.

There’s the human movements in there to work on, some conditioning work to get your heart rate up and you’re covering the main aspects of the body to not only start training on the right foot, but drop bodyfat in most efficient way possible 😉

If you had access to a gym you could (and SHOULD) do a lot more ‘PULLING’ work, but I just made this simple for a home session.

I’ve left the reps at 8-12 because if you find you’re getting sloppy or really ‘breaking down’ as the rounds go on, aim for the lower bracket of 8 reps. Otherwise, aim for the 12. 

If you do try this one out be sure to leave a comment below to let us know how it went or if you’ve any questions about the routines at all, I’d love to hear your comments.

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