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Focusing in on Your Personal Goals

Our programs Start with YOU. Starting with a simple goal to move you forward while proving to yourself that you CAN get in the shape & fitness levels you want.

Baby Realistic Steps Forward.

No diets, No Un-Realistic Plans to follow. But small steps with your Nutrition that teach you Principles & Habits for life. Sustainability is what it's all about.

Movement Quality

Training Properly according to Human Movement Patterns is what ties our Values together. You need to have the Mindset, Nutrition & Training all in sync or you'll be left with sub-par results. We Pride ourselves on World Class Trainers that deliver world Class Results.

Surrounding yourself with people that inspire you and help push you forward is a key aspect of the community here at Doc Fitness. We pride ourselves with coaches that actually care & WILL be keeping you accountable every step of the way.


  • "Apart from physically Toning up and seeing a Huge Difference. I can fit into my clothes again and got to go shopping for a smaller size!

    Way More energy - very important when you have small kids. Plus, my house is cleaner! More energy to keep it clean as apposed to my old stream of thought 'I will do it tomorrow' ."

    Martina Quinn
  • "I wake up more alert, and throughout the day my energy levels are much better. I look forward to the sessions, as opposed to looking the other way. Eating conscientiously is easier than any diet, it's for the long-haul."

    Eimear McGarvey
  • "I have dropped 5kgs in weight, trousers are now not tight at the waist, I can now run 4.5kms in 21mins, I feel lighter and have more motivation and feel good."

    James Tumulty
  • "This is more than a gym, its a lifestyle and about taking control of your life, - 'YOUR WHY'. Thanks to all the team at DOC."

    Vivienne Molloy
  • "Simply the best gym I’ve trained in. Excellent coaches with a world of knowledge and a fantastic atmosphere to train in.

    Not only has my physical health improved since starting here but my mental health has seen massive benefits."

    Leona Spelman-Donlon


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