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Blog Tips you Should Take from the ‘Gymnastic Dad’



Tips you Should Take from the ‘Gymnastic Dad’

  • by Robbie Lane
  • January 24, 2017

Are you like the ‘Gymnastic Dad’?

I’m sure at this point we have all seen this father and daughter performing gymnastics at home, where the little girl completes the moves with her eyes nearly closed.

Yet, we have her father who struggles to complete the moves, but always ends up completing some form of the move.

Not a clue who or what I’m talking about? Have a look at this video of them:

One thing that stands out in those videos is the sheer delight that happens between the father and daughter. Which leads me to this…

With technology and social media begin at an all time high. I see parents, partners & kids losing touch with the outside world, with their lives being dictated by social media.

This is all well and good but don’t get this wrong, I’m not knocking technology, I think it’s wonderful. It opens up so many pathways of learning and growth and I spend plenty of time on it too so don’t think I’m bashing it. ☺

But the main points I want to get across here is that;

  • The more time you spend ‘on’ technology, the more stress you (potentially) put on your body.
  • Some practical Tips you can take from this ‘Gymnastic Dad’
  • To get out & get active

Technology is a pain

The benefits of it are endless, but it’s not the technology itself that puts these stressors on our body,  it’s the way we interact with it that causes the damage.

How often on a daily basis do you see yourself or your kids in the same position as this young lad below in the photo?

(Image courtesy of spineuniverse.com)

Postures like this that we take up at our desks/couches are doing untold damage to our spine health day in day out and it’s something you need to start becoming more mindful and aware of.

The position above seems to be the ‘go to’ position for kids when they are interacting with phones, iPads, playstations, you name it. Next time you’re out and about, glance to see what way your child (or your friend/partner!) is seated. You’ll see what I’m talking about 😉

Moral of my Point Here – if you’re sitting;

  • Sit Tall (Think of someone pulling you by the hair upwards)
  • Hold your phone or book at or around face height, or at least don’t have it on your lap 😉

Doubling Your weight load

Different postures apply a different load on your body causing different stresses. This is stuff we already know..

So as you spend a predominant amount of time seated during the day, (even though it might be a necessity as it is part of your job) just being mindful of the way you’re seated can have massive benefits in the long term for your health.

If you view the chart below you can see the different % loads on your spine at different postures and positions.

(Image courtesy of slideplayer.com)

Just being mindful of the child in the above photo over a period of say 50 years, spending a predominant amount of time in that position compared to standing/seated without being hunched over. I don’t need to do the maths for you to know the extra load that his spine will take over 50 years. Which means, you’ll hit your 40-50-60’s, crippled with pain and barely able to walk without being drugged up on medication. You don’t want that pain or the pain in the pocket it will cause you either.

This is fine in theory, but what the hell can you do about it?

Well going back to the Gymnastic Dad, you could take some examples from him, not saying that you, or your child must go out and sign up for a gymnastics course, but take the main principle he uses.

Get out, get active, spend some quality time with your child, partner or friend.

The long-term benefits of getting out and getting active are untold, especially for children which include enhancing bone density and the reduction of further injury down the line. You tell me one person who doesn’t want to be injury free as the years go on..

Even as adults we can see ourselves after a long journey, or seated for a long period of time. You’re stiffer than normal. But, once you get out and moving for awhile you see yourself limber out.

I seen this myself over the Christmas too, where I spent longer than normal sitting around, over the few days, my lower back got slightly stiffer along with my hips getting tighter too. Again, you don’t want or need that in the long run. Especially when it comes to Fitness, mobility and just feeling better every day.

Where do you start?

It could be just a matter of heading off out to the park, do some fun body weight movements off a park bench, step ups, dips, lunges, bodyweight squats or bear crawls there’s numerous stuff to do. Take it straight from our Guys here 🙂

You don’t have to be gone for hours either, start small with baby steps and overtime, build it up.

Plus, it will add up to & help (potentially) shift those few extra pounds which Coach David goes through here in his Blog about ‘being neat’ for losing the weight: http://thedoc.ie/losing-the-weight-by-being-neat/

Down the line, this will pave the way for:

  • Healthy joints so you’re not creaking with pain as the Years go on
  • Improved mobility and the retention of the mobility you already have, because as they say, ‘use it or lose it’!

As you get older you might find it harder get into the positions you used to do for fun, but keeping it up over time sets a base for the future and old habits die hard.

Again, it’s hard to appreciate this stuff now if you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s ‘without’ any problems, but one of the biggest regrets we usually see is the lack of mobility, flexibility and strength as the years go on.

So why not set yourself & your kids up for life by getting them on their feet. It not only benefits them, it gets you active without knowing it, while at the same time enjoying it and being part of a little mental break too. Not to mention, getting to spend the ever important quality time with the people close to you.

Your takeaways

So its’ simple really, I want you to leave with an eye opener on a couple of things:

  • Your Posture from all this technology – The Hunched off camel look isn’t good for anyone 😉
  • The quality time with Family & Friends you’re missing out on from being deep in technology daily.
  • The constant reduction in general activity over time and what that means to your health & results.

And of course, what you can do about it:

  • Find that Balance of both. Don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and the world around you NOW because of scrolling through some useless stuff on Facebook.
  • Recognise the basic “Sitting Tall” even when you are on your phone and hold the phone as high up as you can for viewing and using (Easier said than done I know, but you’ll thank me down the line)
  • Take some Inspiration from the ‘Gymnastic Dad’ & just get more Active. It ain’t rocket science 😉

So hopefully you’ll take something all my ramblings ~ Thanks for reading this far if you have, 

~ Coach Robbie


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