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Austin | From Couch Potato to practically a Chef

  • by David O' Connor
  • April 26, 2017
After years of being active, playing sport and staying Lean all his life, Austin all of a sudden was tipping 15stone in late 2015 and his story is a nice little kick for Men out there that find themselves where Austin did back then 🙂 And more importantly, what to do about it.  Enter Austin […]Read More >>

‘Lean 42′ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Chris Lanigan

  • by Doc
  • September 22, 2014
We all see and hear these ‘Testimonials’ from time to time and to be honest 99% of them are a load of boll*x..   Well why am I posting ‘Testimonials’ then?   Because they’re Real.   Word for Word, from each member that wants to provide a testimonial. Like Chris who speaks from a position […]Read More >>