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Siobhan | 60lb Fat Loss & Your well needed Kick!

  • by David O' Connor
  • March 30, 2017
Siobhan’s story is one of massive inspiration for any Ladies or Men out there that have just let the Years catch up on yourself.. The weight is on, the Fitness is lacking & your confidence is way down, you know you need to make a change, but you just haven’t done anything about it yet. […]Read More >>

‘Lean 42′ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Thomas Keaney

  • by Doc
  • July 29, 2014
‘It was just that I said I’d give it a go because I knew a few people that did other stuff and got no where’.   From being sick of all the hype & other people promising false results Thomas gave ‘Lean 42’ a go because he wanted to do something different. With hip issues […]Read More >>

‘Lean 42’ – Men’s Transformation Testimonial – Kieran Austin

  • by Doc
  • July 21, 2014
From being barely able to Squat bodyweight his first couple of sessions, Kieran has completely transformed not only his looks but his lifestyle, spending more Energy & time playing with the kids & not to mention the massive confidence boost which has completely changed his everyday life from work to friends to family..    ^^Come […]Read More >>