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Enda | Focusing on ‘the stuff that Matters’

  • by David O' Connor
  • February 13, 2017

By the end of the first month I was hooked.

Come X-Mass I was two stone lighter, healthier, and more positive,

A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Doc Fitness that often goes without recognition for the sheer work and ‘transformation’ (in every sense of the Word) that occurs with our members.

Showing up consistently, training smart and changing habits that have been there for years, isn’t an easy task to do. 

Plus, It’s always hard looking from the outside in because you don’t know the feeling of Strength, Energy & Confidence that comes with this,

Yes, they may get started for shifting the weight and toning up, but the Strength, Mobility, Fitness & confidence that comes along with that is priceless and Enda is no exception 🙂

A pleasure to coach & always willing to consistently learn and move forward,

If he’s not ‘progressed’ on a typical week in terms of being down in body fat or up in Strength, he doesn’t fall victim to it and ‘packs it in’, he takes 100% responsibility and finds out where he potentially went wrong so he can learn for the future.

So let’s dive into Enda’s latest words on his experience to date…

What Kind of Position where you in before you started?

I was tired, no confidence.

After spending a complete summer of been unable to enjoy it due to weight related health issues, I had hit rock bottom come the Autumn.

What was Holding you back from Joining (if anything)?

The unknown, the lack of confidence,

The ‘will I won’t I’ question been asked on a regular basis.

What made you decide to try Doc Fitness?

Stuck indoors living in Facebook due to not been able to do anything else, and these video messages from a local lad started popping up, ignored them at first, possibly watched one by accident one day and was impressed with the no bullshit outlook.

Subscribed to the Doc Fitness email list and they gave me a laugh at work when I was doing nothing else.

By the end of September I was borderline 19 stone and just about to turn 35, I was like ‘holy crap I’ve hit my mid thirties and not a happy chapie, time to change’.

So I booked myself in for the transformation with an open mind.

What WERE your Results like?

The results were great, within two weeks I had nearly dropped 4kg, seeing the results kept the momentum up on food prep, class motivation.

By the end of the first month I was hooked.

Come X-Mass I was two stone lighter, healthier, and more positive,

The mental positivity was the most positive result,

I now joke when people ask me why when they meet be struggling with walking after a lower style day. I tell them it’s cheaper than therapy, and far more beneficial.

(Enda after his first 6 Weeks)

What 3 Biggest Areas of your Life has this Impacted?

Losing the weight was great, getting the compliments good also.

Readjusting the mind and focusing on ‘the stuff that matters’ had the biggest impact.

What’s your favourite thing about Doc Fitness?

‘The collective’ everyone at Doc Fitness is there for the one thing, to feel better either by losing the weight, feeling healthier or getting stronger.

That and seeing new members finding themselves with current members progressing together.

Lastly, what would you say to someone who’s sitting on the Fence about Joining?

Just try it, nothing to loose,

“Fear is temporary, Regret is forever”


Having started out in our Transformation Program & progressing onto our more advanced ‘Project Alpha’ Program, while getting ‘rid of the Gut’ was top of the list for Enda when he started, he’s currently chasing down Sub 12% body fat which we’ll have another before/after of soon 😉


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